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Our Approach

We wanted something distinct and interesting in hair extensions lovers life that sets their style  apart from others while adding enormous happiness in their life. So we aimed for "Hair Extensions Authority Site".

Our Vision

At authority hair extensions we celebrate choice and diversity of the fashion. We value your right to your desired appearance.  Having the privilege to look the way you like is an unsurpassed feeling in the world and we believe everyone is entitled to that privilege. Our vision is to equip you with the most advanced and suitable products in the hair extension field. Because of the competition and enormity of industry, it becomes difficult to decide about the sort of hair accessories you should go for.Scarcity of authentic reviews and advice makes it even worse. So we have decided to do the messy work for you. We are a team of highly determined individuals who are rightfully obsessed with providing the most accurate information about hair extensions. Our website has all the information about everything related to hair extension usage along with the ease to contact us for any query. Our team will make sure to aid you in enhancing your experience with your lovely hair.

We have brought the hair expert right here, just a click away.

Our Story

My love for locks knows no boundaries. First reason for this admiration was the hair I was blessed with. Lovely, thick, voluminous strands with a light beautiful wave (had to thank my mom for the perfect genes). The Second reason? Come on, I am girl; hair is my weakness.And I truly realized how strong this weakness was, when I lost my hair to excessive chemical and heating treatment. I could not guess it at first because of all the hype about pretty bleached ironed hair. Slowly the downfall started and there was no way to reverse the damage. My obsession with styling products and methods had stolen the life out of my once proud hair and the luscious locks. I was shedding hair at an astounding pace and I was clueless.

From there followed a continuous struggle of visiting hair experts and dermatologists. Everybody had a different opinion of what I should do to regain my self-esteem and perceived image. Medicine, skin tonics, and hair follicle treatments, there is a long and disappointing list of the methods I tried. The capsules I used for regrowth of hair and improving the condition of them dried my skin. I got a horrible rash after using a hair therapy skin tonic. One expert even suggested I shave my head off and wait to grow the healthy hair back. Imagine the horror of that!


Oh no i will prefer hair extension either

The only way out I was had left with was trying on the hair extensions of which I was naïve back then. I was also apprehensive of these because of the negative connotations attached to them. Stigma of looking fake, shallow and above all, unnatural scared me. But then again everybody has the right to their bodies? Isn’t it the same when we wear make up to feel good and amazing? All these motivational slogans helped me start this endeavor. The very first extensions I got were some tape on hair extensions. These hair extensions looked forced straight and clustery because my stylist did not bother to match the texture or trim the weave. The experience was far from satisfactory but it did show me a path to what I call my magic hair journey.

The second time I tried a different type of semi-permanent extensions. It felt even nicer because now my hair was going to have a much needed rest from exposure. Though there were still some issues with the quality of hair.It soon lost its luster and started turning matte. Still, my perfectionism kept on pushing me to try every extension type available. I wanted to find the best suitable extension solutions for myself. This trial and error method did me two benefits. It gave me my self-assurance back. I could elegantly carry and showoff the perfect looking hair again. And it made me aware of all the pro’s and con’s, the tricks and tips and whereabouts of the best hair extensions out there.

It was soon some months ago; I got in touch with a childhood friend of mine. And to my utter surprise she was working in the Hollywood as senior hair stylist. The story is quite predictable from there on. With her expertise and my experiences I learned that there are so many quality hair extensions and methods to apply them.They are just rare to find because of the scarcity of information. There is no way easier than hair extensions to change the appearance in a snap.People need to explore the possibilities. So we decided to join our efforts and to bring you a platform of expert hair advice on hair extensions of all sorts.


Meet the Team

I am Neelam Shah and meet my Friend and partner Sara Shah, by the way it’s just co-incidence that we share the same Sur name. 

Neelam Shah

Founder & CEO

I am a content writer, researcher and explorer.  I love exploring  innovative things daily and now I am here to give you all the best services related to hair extensions.

Sara Shah

Vice President

Sara Shah is a renowned hair stylist  and make up artist and crazy for perfection only. She loves to  help ladies across the world in their hair, nails and make up matters.

Next Steps...

Hair Extensions is a vast field, daily lots of changes and advancements occur. New extensions, new hair types, new techniques and methods to install hair wigs and hair extensions are being introduced almost on daily basis. As our initiative is to provide you with up to do date information so we decided to constantly work on exploring  hair extensions and hair wigs  field more and more in order to provide you with quick information. Not only this we also plan to bring so many unique benefits and features for you at this website which we will soon disclose.  Moreover  you will also see Extensions Salons and  Hair extensions Experts of your nearest areas in " Hair Extensions near Me" segment. Stay tuned more is coming .

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