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Adore Hair Color Chart: Becoming New with no Risks Is Easier than You Think

Adore hair color chart shows tones from black to blonde and helps to find a color that suits the appearance of the person, who’s about to use it. The chart also provides lots of different options for each main color in neutral, warm or cool tones. This is why this hair color chart has become an excellent way to find great hair color ideas.

Why Adore Hair Color Chart?

Adore is known for being a quite popular coloring product with a compact size and high quality. Besides, its greatest benefit is the fact that due to the highest quality of the products they never hurt your hair. Adore is the brand that managed to blend natural ingredients with no peroxide, no ammonia and no alcohol formula.

Other popular hair color charts are  Lorial hair color chart, Matrix color chart, Feria hair color chart or Lorial Feria hair color chart

Today it has already created 40 vibrant colors in order to bring out woman’s creative side. Such a wide range of colors can definitely ensure a rather easy choice for those women, who still believe it is too difficult for them to choose the right shade.

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Making the Choice Easier with Adore Hair Color Chart

For those, who keep looking for the ways to enhance their looks, burgundy hair color chart is a very useful tool in order to determine which shade to choose. Adore hair color chart offers four main hair colors to choose from:

  • blonde
  • brunette
  • red
  • black

These colors can also be combined: blond – with cooler tones, for example. Such changed are applied to all the colors providing a variety of shades you can easily choose from.
Cooler tones have a great number of undertones (ash tones) that are hard to see in darker levels. Neutral ones are more balanced and never fall heavily at the lines. Warm tones have oranges, golds and reds as their dominants, representing chestnut brown, strawberry blond and other shades.


Before choosing a new color for you hair, consult Adore hair color chart. Keep in mind that hair dye colors appear differently depending on how dark or light your natural hair is. So, to ensure vibrant results, the dye you choose should be applied over pre-lightened hair. Use the chart if you are really concerned about matching the hair color you’ve chosen. Be sure you will succeed and become more appealing than you are now.

Adore Hair Color Chart can also help you if you wear clip in hair extensions, pony tail hair extensions, lace closure, lace frontal or any kind of  hair extension. Learn  maintaining your hair extensions with semi permanent vs. permanent hair color. These hair color charts are good no matter you are using human hair extensions or synthetic extensions.

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