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Best way to remove knots and tangles from Hair

How to Safely Remove Knots and Tangles from Your Hair

Sometimes you wonder about the  best way to remove knots and tangles from hair? No matter what type of hair you have, whether straight or curly, the task of having to remove knots and tangles from wet or dry hair can be quite painful and frustrating.

Women with long hair know how often they have to untangle their hair and the amount of frustration it causes when they have to remove stubborn tangles from hair. Hair will tangle if you have been out on a breezy day and your hair has been whipped around. You may even find tangles in your hair after you wake up in the morning. The worst part is that if you do not safely remove knots and tangles or do it the wrong way, you are likely to damage your hair and even cause split ends.

If you are a regular visitor to a hairdresser, you’d probably have wondered how experts are able to remove knots and tangles without causing any pain. Actually, there is more than one way of removing knots and tangles from your hair.

The simplest method is to take some baby oil and rub it thoroughly over the tangle and then run a comb gently through the knots, shampooing your hair after to remove the oil. However, this may not work on stubborn knots and tangles.

Best way to remove knots and tangles from hair

–       Separate the area with the tangle and wrap your hand around it.

–       Hold the section tightly, but do not pull your hair. The hair from your scalp to your hand that is holding the section of hair with tangles should be loose. This will help you avoid pulling your hair from the scalp when you start combing through the tangles.

–       Start from below, roughly an inch from the tip of that section of hair and start combing or brushing gently.

–       Clear out the tangles and then keep moving upwards one inch at a time. Move up only once you have removed all the tangles below. Also make sure that you comb through to the end as you move up.

–       Repeat the same for other areas that may be tangled.

Remember that it is easier to remove knots and tangles in dry hair. Wait till your hair is dry before you start removing tangles. Combing wet hair can sometimes make the knots worse.

If you are not careful about hair care, your hair may become matted or get tangled in a dense mass. You need to comb your hair regularly to allow for natural hair shedding. One of the major reasons why hair gets tangled is loose hair. When natural hair cannot shed properly, it creates huge tangles by knotting itself several times around other strands.

This may become even worse if hair is damaged and the cuticle is lifted instead of smooth. This makes combing even more difficult as the strands do not slide past each other easily. To untangle matted hair, you need to first smoothen the hair cuticle by applying a generous quantity of oil or hair lubricants.

There are other ways and means to prevent knots and tangles in the hair. Using a good conditioner keeps hair adequately lubricated and prevents hair tangles.

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