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For Coloring human hair extensions you need

Tools needed

~ Semi-permanent hair dye
~ Gloves
~ Mixing bowel and color application brush
~ Paper towels to clean up any mess
~ Running water to wash extensions

Why wont my extensions dye?

Before you ask the above question lets learn the art of coloring your real human hair extensions

PLEASE NOTE: always apply the below steps to one hair extension piece first prior to dying the extension pieces. This is to ensure that the hair responds well to the type of hair dye used.

1. Purchase a semi-permanent hair dye that is darker in color then the hair extensions

2. Set up an area in which to dye your extensions. Several sheets of newspaper or a sheet of plastic often works well to ensure the dye does not stain the region where you are coloring the extensions.

3. Apply your gloves and add the desired amount of hair dye into the mixing bowel that will be used as a reservoir for your hair dye mixture.

4. Spread out your hair extension pieces on the newspaper or plastic

coloring human hair extensions

5. Apply the dye evenly to hair that is both dry and unwashed using the mixing/application brush. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots just beneath the hair extension attachment clip. The hair dye mixture can be massaged through the extensions using your gloved hands to ensure an even distribution.

6. Leave to dye for the amount of time outlined on the dye box.

7. Once the development time has been reached, gently rinse and massage the dye out under warm water until the water runs clear.

8. Next gently massage the entire contents of the conditioner sachet to the hair and leave for the times recommended on the coloring box (usually around 2 minutes).

9. Rinse the conditioning product off the using warm water until the water runs clear. Finish rinsing with cold water to achieve added shine.

10. Carefully dry extensions using a towel and hang to dry. Once dry, apply a good quality moisturizing product as outlined on our Hair Care Products page, and style as desired.


coloring your human hair extensions

Dying hair extensions  or coloring human hair extensions can often be seen as a daunting prospect for people wishing to alter the color of their extensions. And rightly so! More often than not people rashly dye extensions without using the correct types of hair dyes or hydrating products, and often strip their hair by unintentionally bleaching it.

Fortunately, human hair extensions coloring is easy and  can be dyed, both safely and effectively, providing that several important guidelines are adhered to.  Hair color  charts also help a lot.

Outlined below are the some of the key steps that will improve your chances of achieving the best possible result for your much loved set of hair extensions.

ALWAYS DYE DARKER ( coloring human hair extensions)

Remember never dye hair extensions from a darker color to a lighter shade because the hair often becomes  tangled and sometimes damaged too. To avoid this, always dye the hair from a lighter color dye to a darker color.

Also read a quick guide on semi permanent hair color vs permanent hair color

For example, if a supplier does not have the exact color you are after, simply purchase the set that is one or two shades lighter than your present hair tone and dye the extensions to match that darker shade. This will result in less stripping to the hair follicle and lead to much better results.


When faced with picking a hair dye, it is important that you select the right type of dye so as to not damage your hair. Ideally, organic products that have natural ingredients are the preferred option to that of often harsh synthetic alternatives. Not only are they gentler on your extensions, but they are often also better for your scalp.

Secondly, and most importantly, it is extremely important that hair extensions are dyed using ONLY a semi-permanent hair dye. This type of dye is less damaging and does not dry out the hair as much as permanent alternatives. Permanent hair dyes, on the other hand can significantly dehydrate the extensions and can cause them to snap and or tangle.


Considering that hair extensions do not have natural oils running through them like your own hair to rehydrate them, they can become brittle and snap if colored and not rehydrated. To avoid this there are numerous products that you can use to add moisture, body and shine to your hair.


I hope the above information is enough for coloring your  human hair extensions, but for more information on dying hair extensions products see below.

Always remember whatever you do but maintaining your hair extensions is the most important.

For hot tips on the best hair hydrating products, browse through our Hair Care Products page to find out which products would work best for your hair type.

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