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Dream Hair Extension

Here’s how I get my Dream Extension, U can also get Yours,its Plain Simple

Dream hair extensions: Before I tell you exact steps to reach your dream hair extensions let me ask you one question. Do you agree that dream hair is the dream of every woman on the earth? Right, but what she will do if she hasn’t got dream hair. Then probably the best answer these days is to use a hair extension. Choosing the best hair extension is the art and science together and  if you get the high quality cheap hair extensions that seamlessly blend with your own natural hair only then you call it a dream  hair extension.

Dream Hair Extension Buying Advice

The advice provided here is taken from my personal experience in search of my  dream hair extension put together by celebrity hairdresser Trevor

The advice given below is mainly being given to individuals who have lost hair due to chemotherapy treatment or who are having hair loss and under a hospital and being referred be a consultant for a wig or hair piece.

Locate a salon or wig supplier for dream hair extension that can offer you advice.

Think about what type of style you would like – take along a photo of how you have had your hair in the past or a magazine cutting of how you would like your hair to look

Decide whether or want real human hair or synthetic hair

Ensure that you have spoken to your Consultant or Nurse to see whether you are entitled to a NHS prescription towards your wig. When contacting your wig supplier ensure that they are able to process this for you.

Prior to starting chemotherapy treatment it is recommended that you have your hair cut into a shorter style so that if you do lose your hair it is not so shocking.

Call around local salons or wig suppliers, ask if you can talk to someone on the phone or go in and have a consultation. Please note that some charge a consultation fee.

Make sure that you budget for your wig. Know all the costs involved such as:

Cost of having your hair cut a shorter (if undergoing chemotherapy)

Travel to wig supplier or salon o Cost of wig (minus VAT)

Cost of hair wig cutting

Care and styling products

The criterion for buying the dream hair extension

Now we will talk about the general rules for selecting hair extensions. Hair extensions should be bought by keeping in mind the below check list.

Size Of Dream Hair Extensions

When buying a wig, check in which cap sizes the wig is available. Most ready to wear wigs come in a regular size (54cm) but a smaller size is available – look for the petite ranges.  Unfortunately however you will not have as much choice in the smaller ranges.  If you do need a smaller or larger size it may be appropriate to go for a custom made wig*. Almost all wigs have tightening straps which enable you tighten and loosen as you choose.

*Please note that hair pieces consultants would not recommend custom made for short term hair loss (chemotherapy) due to cost and also length of time that it takes to have one made.  By the time it is finished your hair may be growing back!

Color Of Dream Hair Extensions

Buying a wig means you could choose whatever  hair color and style you like!  Even you can choose “RED HAIR COLOR” .  But you should always know the difference between permanent hair dye vs semi permanent. You could go for the color of hair that you used to have or you could decide that you want to try something new.  Be careful with color though, make sure it complements your skin tone.  We often get told that as we get older our hair shade should go lighter too – that doesn’t always mean we have to go grey!  There are some lovely shades of browns and blondes and most good wig manufacturers blend colors and tones to create realistic and subtle shades.

These days hair color is not at all a restriction. You can buy color hair extensions in Synthetic and in Human hair both. Also you can buy  refer to hair color charts and buy the reliable and cheapest hair color from many online sellers like you can also buy from here.  


The style of your hair piece is also very important. You can choose clip in hair extensions, skin weft hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, lace frontal, lace closure, fusion pre bonded hair extensions, and crochet braids etc. but choose the style that will suit you. For example bob hair pieces can’t suit everyone or bang hair extensions may not be for you.  See are you a person who often prefers pony tails then buy pony tail extensions.

What else  I can do for your dream hair extension?

I have contacted hundreds if not thousands of suppliers in search of the best and cheap hair extensions and I feel that unless you will be well informed you can’t take charge of buying the best product.  Retailers and suppliers can easily cheat you.

Question to ask from your retailer before buying your dream hair extension

Ask them

Whether they are selling synthetic or human hair extensions? See Human Hair Extensions Vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

The grade of hair extensions. Always go for 8A or better for 10 A or higher grades?

Are they selling real virgin unprocessed Remy hair or just Remy hair?

From which country the hair is coming?

The better way is to read relevant articles so that you know the basic of hair extensions. There are so many points like Remy hair non Remy hair, coloring of hair extensions, what’s the difference between synthetic hair colors and permanent hair color, maintaining hair extensions pre sale questions and post sale question. So equip yourself with the best knowledge In order to ensure the best dream extension.

Note: Always get advice from the reliable sources. If you want to ask any question please feel free to ask as we are here just to give you the best of knowledge and sources.

If you want to buy your dream hair extensions you can safely browse through these pages below as you will not only get cheaper hair from here but also best dream hair extensions.

If you want to buy cheap hair extensions with good quality you can go here. The good thing is that you will get quality product absolutely not heavy on your pocket and  I will get few bucks against all this hard work. So I hope every one will  be happy.  Visit  cheap hair extensions and buy the extension of your choice.


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We have a full series on hair colors and hair color charts for example  how lorial hair color chart helps you to get perfect color every single time, then we have feria hair color chart, lorial feria hair color chart in depth analysis, matrix color chart for you

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