Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a website related to hair types, hair products and particularly for hair extensions and now the twist is that we are not sellers of any kind of products. Our personal experience with hair extensions made us to start this online product. This project about information only. We aim to provide you A-Z information on everything you can think or imagine about hair and hair extensions.

What’s your return policy?

I have clearly mentioned above that we are not directly selling any  hair extension products here, but as I  have been using hair pieces for the last many years so I can share or recommend products based on my experience. In that case you must always check the return policy of the particular website selling hair wigs or hair units or any kind of hair products.

What is Your Criterion For Recommending Hair Products?

My personal experience and my research  is one side of the story but the biggest confidence is my constant interactions with different hair experts around the world. I frequently visit different salons as well and see hair transformations daily. Moreover my business associate Sara is an expert on hair extensions. We together bring the best of hair extension information and advice for you.

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What if I need to Ask any Question from You?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service is open for you. Contact us through social media or through our website any time.

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