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Feria Hair Color Chart: Numerous Colors Easy to Choose from

Feria hair color chart is a handy tool by L’orial that will helps any woman  avoid any mistakes  and select the color that looks best on her. How feria chart can help you look inside.

When we speak of changing original hair color, a modern woman has two options to choose from. She either consults a professional, and has her hair dyed or highlighted by a stylist, or goes to any specialized shop and buys any hair-dye from a numerous range of brands so that she can use it at home. But how can she make sure the shade she has chosen will suit her skin-color and hair-type? A color chart is a handy tool that will help any woman avoid a trial-and-error way and define what’s good for her with a minimal risk.  

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Feria hair color chart benefits

Feria is a world-known hair-dyes line from L’Oreal brand. One can find a color-shade to his or her liking. From warm blond tones to darkish, cool hues Feria’s multi-tonal palette will make you hold your breath in a pleasant surprise.

Mild transformation from fair hair into a glimmering light blond with Feria Beach Blonde variations is sheer reality. Choose from ash, golden, copper beige or reddish hues and your blond will look like nobody else’s.

Rich red colors that look so organic and sexual and are able to make any woman the center of men’s attention can be found in Feria Power Reds range.

If you are thinking of slightly changing your original dark hair-color, or just making it look fresher and more alive, Hi-Lift Browns by Feria are the right option for you. Brown color hues ranging from ash-brown to copper ash tones will help you underline the beauty of your natural color without making it look too “glamorous”.

Whatever color-shade you choose, you may be sure that the color you will finish with will make your hair glimmer and shimmer. With Feria hair color chart you will never have this unpleasant experience of an unexpected color effect. All you need to do is choose your original color (minus two/three shades) and define your face-skin tone. After that use the chart to see what color you will end with if you choose this or that color-tone.


Semi Permanent Hair Color Vs. Permanent Hair Color

If compared with, for example, redken hair color chart, the thing you won’t find in Feria hair color line is a range of hair-dyes for men, presented by Redken. In other options, Feria is an ideal variant for those who prefer great quality combined with magnificent results even when used for home coloring.

Feria colors are long-lasting, rich and intensive. Choose one of them and they will help you look magnetically irresistible.

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Extremely interesting articles and before I didn’t know anything about hair color charts and their usage. This is a full series. You must also write on how to select the perfect hair color every time. .

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