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Hair Color Chart: Popular Hair Color Charts & How Important is a Hair Color Chart?

Importance of a  hair color chart? The process of choosing a new color for your hair always implies viewing through numerous hair color charts. Each major brand has its own collection of hair dyes that includes almost all color variations, and to compare them you will need to see how they look on a hair strand. But depending on the brand, similar hair colors may have different names of product lines. That’s why it is very convenient to have them all placed together. For that matter, we have made a guide that will be a good place to start with.

Before you start browsing hair color chart

There is an important thing to remember: every hair color is a mixture of three primary colors, which are blue, red and yellow. On e of them is dominant in your hair and is called an underlying pigment. So when you look at hair color charts, some colors may look different on your hair because they do not suit your underlying pigment. As such, be sure to check if it’s possible to get the desirable shade for your type of hair. Having done that, you can feel confident that the final result will be exactly what you’ve expected.

So now, let’s see what the major brands have to offer

Hair color chart by famous brands HAIR COLOR CHART, POPULAR HAIR COLOR CHARTS

For best results we recommend you to draw the attention to hair color chart of trusted brands. Here are the companies that enjoy the best reputation:

L’oreal  Hair Color Chart

L’oreal. Definitely one of the most popular and leading brands. It boasts its Feria collection which is remarkable for excellent look and fade resistance.
John Freida. Products of this brand are of a premium category, so you will get the best results at home without going to the salon.

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Garnier Hair Color Chart

Garnier. Another French brand known for its glamour style. Garnier uses natural components that nourish your hair. If you have decided to choose auburn hair color chart, Garnier’s dyes are one of the most beautifu

more interesting facts about L’oreal  Hair Color Chart & Red hair color chart

Clairol Hair Color Chart

Clairol. Presents a diversified collection with lots of colors to match the needs of every customer.

Clairol  Hair Color Chart Detailed Information

Wella Hair Color Chart

Wella. Offers professional hair color solutions that can be found in salons. Wellaton range contains Vitamin B6 and Serum.

Interested In Knowing More About Wella Hair Color Chart?

Revlon Hair Color Chart

Revlon. This brand is world-known for its makeup products. There are two color ranges: Revlon Colorsilk and Revlon Colorsilk Luminista. The second one is designed for dark hair. The distinctive feature of this product line is that it helps your hair remain in superb condition.
Schwarzkopf. As all German products, it is notable for top quality. There are three ranges: Live XXL Color (intense and rich color), Igora Royal (colorists’ choice) and Essensity (ammonia free).


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