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Hair Color Chart: A Rainbow of Tones and Possibilities in Your Hands

Before we talk about the role of colors and hair colors in the life of a woman, let’s talk about how  a woman’s soul blooms when she realizes she looks stunning. Then she flutters like a bright butterfly attracting admiring glances. One of the women’s strongest needs is a possibility to add new fresh strokes to her looks from time to time or to change her image cardinally. What can be easier than to take from the store’s shelf a hair color chart, quickly pick up the color of your dream, and tomorrow, as you are entering your office, your co-workers will think, “She is a hot number, this stylish stranger!…” Ah, dreams, dreams…



Do Fairies Apply Hair Color?

It seems so easy to look stylish nowadays for a modern woman, to try on new extravagant images. Contemporary hair coloring market offers a wide range of hair colors from major brands with rich palettes of various hair colors starting from pale platinum, crème vanilla or cinnamon blonde shades through gleaming copper to chocolate and ivory browns or black cherry tones. No problem, try whichever your heart sticks to. Yet, a hair color chart can play a trick on you. In your race for making hair color unique you may get much lighter or darker result color at best, or, if you are unlucky, you may even come up with an unnatural greenish hue in your hair! Oh, no, this is not quite what you need before some important and long-awaited event in your life. Don’t worry it’s not impossible to pick up the hair color that will make you the star of the party. You simply need to take into account a certain set of hair color chart rules. Moreover it’s important to know the pros and cons of permanent vs semi permanent hair colors as well.

Hair Color Chart: How to Deal with?



Choose the color harmonious with your skin tone. If you are completely delighted about your friend’s, co-worker’s or Jennifer Lopez’s new hair color and want the same for yourself, be careful: what suits her may not suit you. If a new hair color is in dissonance with your skin tone, you will have a tired and sickly look with all your little wrinkles and possible skin flaws more visible. Determine whether your skin tone is cool or warm, considering which colors suit you best, the color of your eyes, the color of veins on the inner side of your wrists. The simplest test you can do is to bring a piece of peach-colored cloth close to your face and look if it emphasizes your healthy blush and the natural tone of your skin, makes your eyes shine. Do the same with a piece of cold pink cloth.
Consider your starting hair color. It is obvious that if you are a dark brunette, hair dyes of light tones aren’t a magic want to turn you into a platinum blond without prior hair bleaching.
Pay attention to the hair color chart on the box. It shows you what hue you will get depending on your natural color. It will not be necessarily the color you see at the front of the box. How do you know what was the model’s base color?

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Remember that the color you see on the box is always lighter than the color you’ll get on your hair. That’s why keep this in mind when choosing a hair dye and pick up the color 2 levels lighter than you desire to get in the end.
Consider that in case you dye your hair with a color contrast to your natural color, you may need to approach dying in 2 steps: first taking care of the new growth and then dying the locks throughout. If you simply pour the dye on your head you may end up with a very contrasting demarcation of the dark top and bleached ends.
If you are dying your hair to cover the grays, it’s recommended to use a permanent hair color because temporary, semi-permanent, or demi-permanent hair colors may not cover your grays completely.

So, are still looking at a hair color chart like at a Chinese grammar book? Oh, well, it may be better to place this responsible matter in the hands of professional colorists. You will find out more about your hair type and its underlying pigment, get valuable advices on how to look after your hair to make the color last longer and, hopefully, choose the most beneficial color for yourself to stick to.

Hair color chart and hair extensions

Proper hair colors for hair extensions are also very important because you need to blend it with your natural  hair. Human hair extensions are naturally  the best match for your colors but still if you want to color human hair extensions or want  different color highlights then always  go for the best brand of hair colors and  consult the hair color chart.  Go and have a look at this “how to color human hair extensions” article to get valuable tips on coloring hair or human hair extensions.

HAIR COLOR FOR semi permanent hair color

For synthetic hair extensions :  These days synthetic hair extensions are automatically available in  an amazing range of colors. Learn to color your hair extensions properly and also learn “how to maintain your hair extensions” . If all this stuff is difficult for you then why not search for a nearest hair extensions stylist by going to “hair extensions near me”

Important Tips:  Always  buy  cheap hair extensions if you are new to hair extensions and just want to do DIY extension hair, read testimonials on different kind of hair pieces. You must also know the difference between human hair extensions vs synthetic hair extensions.  For beginners the easiest options are frontal closures, lace closure, clip in hair extensions, pony tail extensions or tape in hair extensions. 

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