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How to Orientate Yourself in a Hair Dye Color Chart?

Hair Dye is the real and the best way for a woman to lift her spirits is to change her hairstyle. And one of the easiest way to change is to dye hair. If you are used to trusting the choice of your hair color to a hairdresser, you don’t have to go into details of a hair dye color chart (although it’s never useless.) But if you prefer to dye your hair yourself, it would be better to learn how to orientate yourself in the palette of hair dyes that is usually very diverse, as well as the variety of brands, producing hair dyes.

A hair color chart is a chart that helps you to estimate all the variety of colors and pick up the right hue for your hair. Hair dye color chart gives a better idea about color, compared to a box with dye. Usually hues are presented in a cardboard book, that you open and see a plenty of various dye hues on synthetic hair samples.

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The samples of colors are located in a hair dye color chart not at random but according to a certain scheme. Famous brands make their charts so that you can find the necessary tone very quickly. The lightest dye hues are usually at the top of the chart. With every next row the hues are getting darker, i.e. the darkest tones are at the bottom.

Dyes for brunettes, blondes and red-haired occupy separate sites in the chart. That’s why once you’ve chosen your gamma, pick up a hue, not a tone yet. Here you must coordinate your choice with your appearance color type. It may be warm or cold. The right definition of your color type guarantees that your image will be harmonious and, therefore, you will be very pleased with the result.

For example, a dye with an ashy hue will suit only girls with the cold color type. If a lady with light golden hair decides to dye her hair with an ashy hue, she risks to get a greenish hue as a result. At the same time, a warm hue will look unnatural on a girl with the cold color type.

As soon as you are sure about “warm” or “cold” subtone of your future hair color, you need to choose its tone in a hair dye color chart. If you use hair dye at home, you can get the hue close to your natural hair color, changing it 1-2 tones up or down. Blondes, considering which hue to pick, should remember that the hues of golden and platinum palette cause the least harm to the structure of fair hair. In case you are dark-haired but hues of a blonde hair color chart tempt you immensely, it’s better to opt for professional dyes and help of an experienced hairdresser.

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