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How to Orientate Yourself in a Hair Dye Color Chart?

Hair Dye is the real and the best way for a woman to lift her spirits is to change her hairstyle. And one of the easiest way to change is to dye hair. If you are used to trusting the choice of your hair color to a hairdresser, you don’t have to go into details of a hair dye color chart (although it’s never useless.) But if you prefer to dye your hair yourself, it would be better to learn how to orientate yourself in the palette of hair dyes that is usually very diverse, as well as the variety of brands, producing hair dyes.

A hair color chart is a chart that helps you to estimate all the variety of colors and pick up the right hue for your hair. Hair dye color chart gives a better idea about color, compared to a box with dye. Usually hues are presented in a cardboard book, that you open and see a plenty of various dye hues on synthetic hair samples.

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The samples of colors are located in a hair dye color chart not at random but according to a certain scheme. Famous brands make their charts so that you can find the necessary tone very quickly. The lightest dye hues are usually at the top of the chart. With every next row the hues are getting darker, i.e. the darkest tones are at the bottom.

Dyes for brunettes, blondes and red-haired occupy separate sites in the chart. That’s why once you’ve chosen your gamma, pick up a hue, not a tone yet. Here you must coordinate your choice with your appearance color type. It may be warm or cold. The right definition of your color type guarantees that your image will be harmonious and, therefore, you will be very pleased with the result.

For example, a dye with an ashy hue will suit only girls with the cold color type. If a lady with light golden hair decides to dye her hair with an ashy hue, she risks to get a greenish hue as a result. At the same time, a warm hue will look unnatural on a girl with the cold color type.

As soon as you are sure about “warm” or “cold” subtone of your future hair color, you need to choose its tone in a hair dye color chart. If you use hair dye at home, you can get the hue close to your natural hair color, changing it 1-2 tones up or down. Blondes, considering which hue to pick, should remember that the hues of golden and platinum palette cause the least harm to the structure of fair hair. In case you are dark-haired but hues of a blonde hair color chart tempt you immensely, it’s better to opt for professional dyes and help of an experienced hairdresser.


Hair Weave Color Chart for those who are Concerned About Hair Color Type

Professional hairdressers say that if a person wants to choose the best and the most suitable color, he or she should think over the color-type. There are two color-types: cold and warm. To identify it the person should combine his or her natural hair color, the color of the eyes and complexion. This combination will show the type of main coloring.

If your skin is extremely pale, dark brown or olive colored, you have a cold tone. If you have pale or brown skin with peach or pink undertones, it is considered to be a warm tone. People with cold type should avoid gold, red, yellow and bronze tones. Naturally warm toned people should avoid ash and blue based hair colors.

When choosing a hair dye, don’t go far from your natural hair color. The ideal color for you is two shades lighter or darker than yours. A hair color chart will help you in this complicated task. Don’t choose an extremely different hair dye color because you can be very upset by the result you will get after dyeing.

Look at the hair weave color chart in the shop. Different colors are provided here, but you should find your natural color. Find two nearest shades that are lighter than your hair color now and two shades darker. They will show you how the after-dyeing color will look like. Place the example to your hair and look at the mirror. If you like the color and it matches your color-type, you have found your shade and you can buy this hair dye.

Since most hair dyes contain chemicals that can severely damage your hair, hairdressers say that it is better to buy more or less famous brands like L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf and Garnier, etc. They contain natural components that take care of your hair. And the colors are also bright and shine around six weeks if you use a special shampoo for color treated hair. Find hair weave color chart of any brand you like and try to choose the color using our tips.

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For example, your natural hair color is brown. Look through the hair weave color chart and find it. For example, the name of your color in the chart is Auburn Brown. Then if you want to have a darker color, two darker colors Light Brown and Dark Brown with light brown highlights will surely suit you. Don’t forget about warm and cold color-type. If you are searching for lighter colors, in our case, it is Light Ash Brown and Dirty Blond. As you can see, hair weave color chart is a really helpful thing.

You will find the desirable hair-dye color if you follow our simple tips. The color on the box usually doesn’t match the final result, that’s why we highly recommend you look at the color charts.

weave hair color chart

Weave Hair Color Chart Is There Any Value In This Chart?

Weave Hair Color Chart some of you may have not even heard the name of weave hair color chart as its not as popular as Adore Hair Color Chart, Auburn Hair Color Chart, Brown Hair Color Chart, Wella Hair Color Chart, Red Hair Color Chart, Lorial Hair Color Chart,  Feria Hair Color Chart, Matrix Color Chart, LOREAL Feria Hair Color Chart , etc.

But still at least check what it is exactly?

One of the main reasons why we have written this article is that we are sure that to find weave hair color chart collections on the Internet is a real challenge for every person. It is really difficult. The hair dye manufacturers have also realized that problem and they have released hair color chart of their production. But it means that you should visit each company’s website to look through color charts and find a color that you liked. It is also very inconvenient.

The main aim of this article is to make a choice of hair color much easier and we decided to gather all hair color charts here. It was very difficult, but we have done this work for you. You can find the major color charts below.

Weave hair color chart is a very useful thing for those who need to determine which color and shade suit them the best. The four main colors of the chart are brown, blond, red and black. Each color slightly changes the tone. It gives an opportunity to create an interesting appearance and change the style.

For example, you have chosen a blond color. There are cold and warm tones of this color and they make a different impression. Cold tones of blond are ash, champagne and pure diamond. Warm tones are golden blond, sunflower, etc. You can see many of them on the satin hair color chart of different manufacturers below.

How can a woman, if she is not a hairdresser, make the right choice of hair color? In this case a weave hair color chart will help her to choose the most suitable hair dye color. Today there are so many manufacturers and lines of hair dye, that you can be confused by the number of colors and shades. We decided to pick all the color charts of the major brands together in this article to make the choice easier.


It may seem that to choose a color with the help of a color chart is a difficult task. But if you know how to orientate yourself in the dye color chart, you will quickly find it. Usually darker colors are in the top of the chart and they are getting lighter to the end of the table. Brown, red and blond hair dye colors are located separately from each other. As you can see, they are not placed randomly.

We insistently recommend you choose the trusted brands to get the best result after the hair dyeing. Today high quality brands are L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Garnier, Revlon and Wella. These companies have the best reputation. The hair dyes of these brands are of premium quality.

Colors and  Charts


Blonde Hair Color Chart: How to Choose the Ideal Color for a Killer Look

Blonde hair color chart is a handy tool that will helps any woman  avoid any mistakes  and select the color that looks best on her. How bLONDE chart can help you look inside.

Before we start talking about Blonde hair color chart in detail lets revise what we have covered so far in hair charts. We already have learnt much about

Lorial Hair Color Chart,  Feria Hair Color Chart, Matrix Color Chart, LOREAL Feria Hair Color Chart, Adore Hair Color Chart, Auburn Hair Color Chart, Brown Hair Color Chart, Wella Hair Color Chart, Red Hair Color Chart,





What is one of the most reliable ways for a woman to express herself and make her image unforgettable? Of course, to dye her hair. Which color and hue to choose to keep men’s heads following her? Well, there’s a broad variety of possibilities here. It’s well-known, however, that gentlemen prefer blondes. Advice of a professional hairdresser from a reliable beauty salon and a blonde hair color chart of the best products for hair beauty will help you to come to the right decision.


Don’t choose hair color just from the hues you see on the box with hair dyes. A photo on the box isn’t able to convey the true color you are going to get after dying your hair. Especially if you are brown-haired and interested in a blonde hair color chart. The best way to choose the desirable color is to look through palettes with hair colors, made of artificial materials, imitating hair. With such palettes you may estimate your chosen hue visually, move it a little and see the play of color and all the semi-tones.

Hair Cutting

Hair Extensions, Lace Closure, Lace Frontal,

Blonde Hair Color Chart: How to Choose?

Light Natural Pearl Blonde


Blonde hair color chart of the most prominent brands is usually very variable. The colors will suit ladies, who desire cardinal color experiments. Fair-haired girls may opt for radiant hues of platinum, cold ashy or golden blonds.
It’s important to take into account your color type when picking the ideal hue for your hair.
 A girl of the spring type with light color of eyes will look adorable with golden curls.
 Ashy blond is a perfect option for a lady, belonging to the summer color type.
 Self-confident girls of the cold color type may add a special touch to their appearance with bold platinum blonds.
The choice of hair color is the same important as the choice of the brand of hair dyes. If you are a fan of organic hair dyes, follow the example of Madonna, Angelina Jollie, Julia Roberts, to name a few, and look through Aveda hair color chart. Aveda has a very diverse palette of hues, while Aveda dyes, as their manufacturers claim, have 95% of organic components in its composition (extracts of herbs, flowers and spices as well as natural oils.)
And in conclusion, remember that if you pick a hair color of your dream, using a hair color chart, don’t forget to discuss your choice with a professional hairdresser for complete success of your new stunning image.

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Brown Hair Color Chart: Your №1 Femininity Choice

Brown hair color chart benefits and why you need to consult this chart for a better hair color results. See inside this article

Until now you have learnt about Lorial Hair Color Chart,  Feria Hair Color Chart, Matrix Color Chart
LOREAL Feria Hair Color Chart, Adore Hair Color Chart,  Auburn Hair Color Chart and how you can apply these Hair Colors and  Hair Color Charts  in your  Hair Extensions. 

No  matter, whether this is your milk chocolates or chestnuts, brown hair can bring a truly timeless sense of feminine beauty. Brunettes are able to change rather easily, due to various color options available today. They may simply go either up or down a couple of levels, so that to alter their hair color palette. More so, brown hair color chart allows changing every season and always stay extremely fashionable.

4 Obvious Benefits of Going Brunette

Indeed, the possibilities of brown hair color chart are endless. If so desired, one can personalize her style and personality with strategically added shades.

Brown hair can offer a really solid balance of color: milk chocolate, coffee with a cream splash, caramel and other delicious options to choose for going brown.

Brunettes also benefit from the personalization, which is provided by both highlights and lowlights. So, you may think of rich chocolates or tobacco shades, as well as subtle latte shades and cinnamon for some warmth.

You can easily maintain your brown hair by occasional color baths of either semi or demi permanent dye. This way, you’ll refresh the ends between touch ups, keeping your brunette color rich and luxurious. Also, there are various color enhancing shampoos.

Brown Hair Color Chart: Wella Brand Shade Selection Guide

Find A Salon and  Semi Permanent Hair Color/Dye

Unfortunately, it can be rather time consuming to search for some good hair color chart online. Actually, this is because the world-known brands release their specific palettes through individual websites. Luckily, you can now find a color that you really loved, right below. So, meet WELLA Hair Color Chart.


Wellaton with Serum and Provitamin B5 is a real dream of any home hair colorist. It is strongly recommended by such international expert and celebrity stylist as Sascha Breuer. Due to Wella nourishing ingredients, the hair gets silky, soft and shiny, like uncolored. Simply discover a great palette of brown shimmering shades, their intense color and healthy look. This brand hair color chart will help you when choosing the perfect hair color either for your life in general or that special night out.


No doubt, you’ll find this Wella hair color palette chart very useful. Professional range consists of different collections of intensive, extra rich, permanent and full of healthy shine colors. Any of them can send you one step closer to achieving that salon quality color at your own home.

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Wella Hair Color Chart Eases the Choice

Wella hair color chart is a smart solution. Let’s have a quick reminder that uptil now we have discussed

Lorial Hair Color Chart, LOREAL Feria Hair Color Chart, Feria Hair Color Chart benefits, Matrix Color Chart smart solutions,  why people adore, Adore Hair Color Chart, Auburn Hair Color Chart. Now quickly coming back to the topic and i.e.

Wella Hair Color Chart

Changing hair color is often a big deal, and women do that to stress their new image, improve their look, or, perhaps, even cover up a few grey feathers here and there. That’s when hair color chart may come in handy. It eases women’s choice greatly as it contains great selection of color and shades for any hair color. Wella hair color chart is one of the most complete ones on the market and has an unlimited range of colors for any hair, be it blonde, brunette, red, or else. Let’s see how it can help you match your character and skin color with the hair color of your dream.

You probably didn’t know that Wella hair color chart is a product of extensive and deep research that the company held to identify the relation between the color of skin and hair. This was done in order to find only most popular and compelling shades for women of all skin colors, from pale white to dark brown. That’s why Wella hair color chart not only has so many fascinating shades to select from, but was also designed to deliver top-class hair colors for women with any skin. As an example let’s have a look at the red hair color chart of Wella. It offers the most complete choice of red hair shades to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.Hair Color Chart are great for great Hair Color. 

Wella Hair Color Chart for Red Hair

  • Chestnut;
  • Dark Auburn;
  • Light Auburn;
  • Dark Auburn;
  • Medium Auburn;
  • Flame Red;
  • Coppery Red;
  • Golden Toasted Auburn;
  • Copper Red;
  • Irish Red;
  • Medium Irish Red.  (Super interesting post on red hair color chart)

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1-If you like Beige Blonde then the “Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Toner, Lightest Beige Blonde” is for you


2- If your choice is Medium Blonde Natural Brown then go for WELLA HAIR COLOR CHART MEDIUM BLONDE NATURAL BROWNWella Koleston Permanent Creme Hair Color 

There are separate charts for any color family you may desire, including blond, highlight, brunette, and frost hair. Each chart has many different shades to meet your exact needs and expectations.

Many other cosmetic firms, e.g. L’Oreal or Garnier, have a number of different hair color brands and offer separate color charts for each brand. That often can lead to confusion and undesired results. Wella has all color products under one brand name – Wellaton. Wellaton hair products are not simply designed for perfect shade results. They contain a number of nourishing ingredients that are meant to negate all harmful effects that coloring procedures have on the women’s hair. Serum with Provitamin B5 nurture hair to make it have all desired features of uncolored hair, i.e. shine and softness. Great variety of shades coupled with hair that looks and feels healthy is what makes Wellaton products really count.

3-Wella Blue Series for Blue Lovers   Go for   Wella Koleston Perfect Permanent Creme Haircolor 1+1 0/88 Blue in just $7.95



You wear hair extensions? Which one? Pony Tail Hair Extensions, Clip Ons, Cheap Hair Extensions, Frontal Closures,Lace Closure? Which color do u use? Semi permanent hair color or permanent hair dye? Want to maintain  your best hair extensions?  No problem at all . Wella hair color chart is for everyone.


Adore Hair Color Chart: Becoming New with no Risks Is Easier than You Think

Adore hair color chart shows tones from black to blonde and helps to find a color that suits the appearance of the person, who’s about to use it. The chart also provides lots of different options for each main color in neutral, warm or cool tones. This is why this hair color chart has become an excellent way to find great hair color ideas.

Why Adore Hair Color Chart?

Adore is known for being a quite popular coloring product with a compact size and high quality. Besides, its greatest benefit is the fact that due to the highest quality of the products they never hurt your hair. Adore is the brand that managed to blend natural ingredients with no peroxide, no ammonia and no alcohol formula.

Other popular hair color charts are  Lorial hair color chart, Matrix color chart, Feria hair color chart or Lorial Feria hair color chart

Today it has already created 40 vibrant colors in order to bring out woman’s creative side. Such a wide range of colors can definitely ensure a rather easy choice for those women, who still believe it is too difficult for them to choose the right shade.

If you want to buy copper beauty then go here

If you want to buy African Violet then go here 

Making the Choice Easier with Adore Hair Color Chart

For those, who keep looking for the ways to enhance their looks, burgundy hair color chart is a very useful tool in order to determine which shade to choose. Adore hair color chart offers four main hair colors to choose from:

  • blonde
  • brunette
  • red
  • black

These colors can also be combined: blond – with cooler tones, for example. Such changed are applied to all the colors providing a variety of shades you can easily choose from.
Cooler tones have a great number of undertones (ash tones) that are hard to see in darker levels. Neutral ones are more balanced and never fall heavily at the lines. Warm tones have oranges, golds and reds as their dominants, representing chestnut brown, strawberry blond and other shades.


Before choosing a new color for you hair, consult Adore hair color chart. Keep in mind that hair dye colors appear differently depending on how dark or light your natural hair is. So, to ensure vibrant results, the dye you choose should be applied over pre-lightened hair. Use the chart if you are really concerned about matching the hair color you’ve chosen. Be sure you will succeed and become more appealing than you are now.

Adore Hair Color Chart can also help you if you wear clip in hair extensions, pony tail hair extensions, lace closure, lace frontal or any kind of  hair extension. Learn  maintaining your hair extensions with semi permanent vs. permanent hair color. These hair color charts are good no matter you are using human hair extensions or synthetic extensions.


Auburn hair color chart? Why choose Auburn hair color chart?

Auburn hair color chart, why you need to consult this chart for a better hair color results. See inside this article

Before we have discussed the benefits and  popularity of Lorial hair color chart, Lorial Feria hair color chart, the importance of Feria hair color chart, Matrix color chart. Now it’s interesting that girls Around The Globe Are Choosing Auburn Hair Color Chart? But Why?

Listen this article is going to reflect light upon the reason why girls prefer to select shades from “Auburn Hair Color Chart”


More and more girls all around the world prefer to choose their hair color from auburn hair color chart, since the popularity of auburn hair has risen as never before. Indeed, auburn color has plenty of variations and can really change your look to accentuate the natural beauty, especially when your hair color is somewhat between dark blonde and light brown.Auburn hair is believed to be natural-looking and sophisticated, and red shades may add some expression to your appearance.


Why choose auburn hair color chart?

The peculiarity of auburn color is that, unlike blonde and black, it is easy and comfortable to try on. You can use temporary auburn dye and your hair will look the same as with permanent dye. So if you don’t like the shade you’ve chosen, it’s possible to wash it off. In most cases, you will not have to remove your natural color, as it goes with blonde color.
Another great advantage that may encourage you to choose this particular hair color chart is that auburn palette is the most diversified among others. Also you can make different hairstyles with auburn hair and they will never look monotonous.
On the other hand, do not forget that any color does not suit absolutely everyone, so before dyeing your hair consult the colorist first.

How to choose an auburn hair color chart?

Each manufacturer has auburn color dye in its product line, so there are so many alternatives that you can be confused easily. The process of color selection becomes even more complicated because dyes of similar colors but different brands may have quite different characteristics. To find out the exact shade its better to remember color indexes for auburn hair.
It’s hard to enumerate all of the auburn shades, so we will list the most popular ones. For example, let’s see what hues are there in the loreal hair color chart:

  • light auburn
  • medium auburn
  • mahogany
  • burgundy-auburn
  • chestnut/copper

Don’t forget that it is very important that hair color should harmonize with your skin color; otherwise, the results will not be pleasant for you. Again, this is the subject to be consulted with specialists. You can also ask your friends who have changed their color what they think about it. This will give the ability to avoid the situation when you will have to recolor your hair soon.
In the end, there are many variants, and the final choice depends entirely on you.

The most important things is that these hair color charts help you greatly if you want to color your human hair extensions. Hair extensions need continuous care and maintain. To enjoy best hair extensions you need the best hair color. Are you using closure frontals, pony tail hair extensions, clip ons and any other hair extension use the semi permanent or permanent hair dye sensibly.

Do you like red hair color chart?



Lorial Hair Color Chart

LOREAL Feria Hair Color Chart: New Look Without Problems!

Feria Hair Color Chart From Darkish Tones To Warm Blonde To  Cool Hues .Feria’s Multi-Tonal Palette  Will Surprize You But How? Just Read The Article To Get The Answer.

Now this   Lorial Feria Hair Color Chart in more detail

Today L’ORÉAL offers several hair-dye lines including Excellence Crème, Couleur Experte Express, Feria, LORÉAL’s Superior Preference hair color, and LORÉAL’s Natural Match hair color crème.

Lorial Feria Hair Color Chart Wide Range

LORÉAL’s Feria covers a wide spectrum of vibrant hues that will add unforgettable glimmer to your hair. These hair dyes can be found in over 30 color hues.

In this L’ORÉAL Feria hair color chart you can easily find a tone of Feria hair-dyes to your liking. The main plus of this line is that the dyes are rather mild in action due to the improved silk-and-shimmer conditioning formula. It prevents your hair and produces less negative effect on it. Your hair remains silky, while the color is brilliant and intensive which makes your hair look fabulous. You can also comapre it with matrix color chart.

Wow Lorial Feria HAIR cOLOR chART

If you like red colors,(See the below list also) those offered by L’ORÉAL’s Feria will suit any hair type and skin tone and add a shade of drama to your image.You can easily change even dark hair tones into blond with special L’ORÉAL’s Feria bleach blond shades.In case you want a new hue of your own original dark tone, use one of Feria’s hi-lift brown tones. It will give just a hint on changes retaining organic look.

L’ORÉAL Feria hair color chart is easy to use. Follow these tips and you will make the right choice.

  • Define your hair type and original hair color
  • Define your skin tone
  • Choose among black, brunette, blond, and red tones
  • See what tone you will finish with and choose whatever hue you like.

L’ORÉAL hair-dyes are quite popular but there are also hair-dyes of other popular brands worth trying.

If you look for something special, a color that will make you look as if a real professional has just worked on your hair, you have one more brand to choose from. Matrix hair colors are a line of hair-dyes represented on several collections that gives you an opportunity to choose among strikingly beautiful tones. A wide spectrum of hues and shades of different colors offered in matrix hair color chart are bound to meet your needs. Lorial hair color chart is also good, you can also take help if you are using hair extensions. They have full range of semi permanent hair color as well as permanent dyes.

Look beautiful any time with world-known brands. You deserve it! Below are the best lorial feria hair colors  list from the loreal feria hair color chart


1- Loreal Paris Feria Power Reds Permanent Hair Color

2-Loreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Hair Color

3-Loreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Haircolor 3X Highlights

4-Loreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Hair Color #66 Ruby Fusion

5-Loreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Hair Color, 91 Light Beige Blonde

6-Loreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Hair Color, #21 Starry Night

7-Loreal Feria Power Reds High Intensity Hair Color, R37 Blowout Burgundy




Matrix Color Chart: Smart Solution And Smart Life With Matrix Hair Colors

Matrix color chart and matrix colors Wella hair color, and L’oreal and some other hair colors are just a few of numerous brands known all over the world. This article is good to know how Matrix color chart can smartly change your Hair Color routines.

Continue with this post as you will get  the list of super high quality matrix hair colors starting from just $12.

 Matrix color chart  Wide Variety

A period comes in every woman’s life when she starts to dye her hair to change color, lighten or highlight it. Since ancient times women have been using different means for changing hair-color (different natural and organic dyes, coal, etc). Nowadays there are hair-dyes by different manufacturers with Hair Color Chart. Matrix, Wella, and L’oreal are just a few of numerous brands known all over the world.

Matrix is a world-known brand offering different high-quality styling and hair-care products. Matrix manufacturers have taken into consideration different reasons why women use hair-dyes. It is reflected in various series under the trade-mark Matrix Socolor. Hair-dyes by Matrix will pleasantly surprise you with moderate prices and high quality.

Are you searching for a dye that is mild though very effective and results in a long-lasting rich color? Than Matrix hair-dyes will be a perfect solution. Natural organic components of Matrix dyes make them less smelly and less harmful. After using them your hair will be silky and shiny.

If you have made your choice in favor of Matrix hair colors, matrix hair color chart will make the best beginning.

Dream Age Series from Matrix Color Chart

Low ammonia content dyes of Dream Age provide a 100% result in coloring grey hairs. 10 rich shades varying from dark mocha infusion to soft blonds will make your hair shimmer and glimmer with organic-looking colors.

Matrix Honey Lux Collection

Honey Lux is a collection of 7 tonal shades with the lightest caramel blondes and tender translucent brunette.
Among color choices:

  • Blond polish
  • Color glazed
  • Color spice
  • Color dimension
  • Gloss and glow
  • Rich brunette

Reds and Coppers by Matrix  by Matrix Color Chart

Changing your hair color you show your personality. If you are a fiery beauty who likes to be in the centre of attention, this serie is right for you. These are magnetic color shades that will make you look irresistible. Infrared, Copper Wired, and Lasered Red are just a few from shades of the series.

Matrix  Color Chart Violet Smoke Collection

Soft hues of this collection will make any blond look cool and create a special magnetic aura around her. In this Matrix hair color chart the following Color gammas are available:

  • Arctic whisper
  • Filtered Shadows
  • Ethereal Light

Similar shades and hues can be found in Wella hair color chart as well. Wella offers three separate sections: natural shades, high-lift blondes, and special colors (blue and purple).

Any color is beautiful in its own way. So, why not give it a try?

Top Four cheap matrix hair colors

Extra Light Blonde Plus Ash


Extra Light Blonde Plus Neutral

MATRIX COLOR CHART Extra Light Blonde Plus Neutral

 Light Brown Red Red

7-I Dk Irides Blonde

For the entire variety Check The highest quality but Cheapest Matrix Hair ColorsCheck The highest quality but Cheapest Matrix Hair Colors


And before I go some nice info on Semi Permanent Hair Color Vs. Permanent Hair Color