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Hair Extensions Ultimate timely Guide to Get Your Dream Hair Extension

Hair extensions are synthetic hair or natural human hair that can be incorporated with your own hair by different ways. In other words a“Hair extension” is just additional human hair or synthetic hair  that are usually clipped on, infused braided or tapped in with your natural hair to give you additional volume, styling and length.  What are your dream hair extensions?

Hair Extensions Cheat Sheet to Always Get the Highest Grade Cheap Hair Extension

In the past years there were only a few methods used to make extensions, wigs being the most common one. These days there are so many hair extensions types are available that you cannot even list them in one page.

The good thing is that now a days it’s not necessary to be genetically blessed to get hefty hair as many of the most sought-after heads of hair can easily get help from a huge array of “hair extensions”.


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Tell me about My Perfect Hair Extension

What is the right extensions method for your hair? It totally depend on your hair type, styling requirements, preference and more importantly budget. For kinky and curly hair best suited hair extension is weaves, African-American hair has enough strength and texture to hold the cornrow braid therefore “weaving extensions” are the best for such hair type. For those who prefer faster method and affordable too then the tape-in application process is much faster and more affordable. It takes about an hour and price range is $300 to $2,000 but after every six to eight weeks you require the maintenance.

hair extensions weave in for african hair

Tape in extensions is also nice in a way that it can be can be removed and reapplied many times. Weave in and tape in both hair extensions are the most affordable option as you don’t have to purchase new extensions every single time. Clip in hair extensions are the easiest one and almost suitable for every hair type. Moreover it also lasts longer. Fusion hair extensions once removed, you can’t use them again so these are not only the most expensive, but also a one-shot deal. Fusion extensions takes time up to three hours for installation  so it’s the most time-consuming application process, but  they also last about three to four months.


Human Hair Extension versus Synthetic Hair extension

Quality of the hair is greatly dependent on Price. You get what you pay for in hair industry. Price will also vary with the thickness and length of hair you want to purchase. If you want to buy human hair extension then also keep in mind that you have to pay additional price if you are going to buy virgin or Remy hair. Virgin hair is never touched un processed hair and Remy hair is of the highest quality. The price can be several hundred dollars per bunch. Synthetic hair not only available in more colors, textures and lengths but also much more affordable than human hair, but won’t style  or blend the way human hair does. Moreover less heat resistant. People buy synthetic hair only because it is available in super long lengths. Human hair rarely becomes that much longer. So if you want some additional quick lengths or just cute bangs then cheap synthetic hair is your best bet.

Matching the Color and Texture of the Hair Extensions

Buying hair extensions is very easy you can buy any but it will not suit you if you don’t buy sensibly.  Always check the hair if it feels dry, then it will also tangle more easily. Never ignore the color and texture of your natural hair and always match the hair extensions. When you avoid dry hair also avoid super shiny coated hair because it is usually coated with heavy layer of silicone and will wear off quickly.  After the coated layer disappears the extensions lead to dulling and tangles.  Also be very careful with installation process always let some experienced stylist handle it. A skilled beautician with a colorist background can save your hair damage and un natural hair color.  Remember improper installation and  removal of extensions  is when hair damage can occur and if the color match is off then your extensions will never look natural.

How Do I Style and Cut My Hair Extensions?

Wearing an extension is not difficult but the important part is blending your natural hair with it.  Extensions can be cut in any style you want. So to enjoy a great cut the best way is to blend it with your existing hair after the extensions are properly cut. The ideal cut can be with layers that blend the extension hair with your hair. You can also color your new extension hair. For coloring you can a shade close to your natural hair color or darker or mix and match type of coloring. There are also extensions available that don’t need any cut or coloring as they are already available in ready made styling.

More  on hair color chart benefits.

Can I Extend the Life of My Hair Extensions?

Remember that extensions hair also needs care and attention just like your natural hair. Along with proper shampooing and applying conditioner you also need to be extra careful while handling wet hair. Let them dry naturally and brush them in the right way not from upwards to downwards but detangle starting at the ends and reaching the roots. While brushing always hold hair at the roots. If you are wearing bond, weave or tape hair then don’t apply oils at the joints. While sleeping, your hair should not get matted or tangled so try putting your hair in a loose braid.

Can Hair Extensions Damage My Own Hair?

Not all hair extensions damage your hair but as the weight of hair extension can put additional stress on the hair roots, so to avoid unnecessary tension on natural hair it’s necessary to match hair density. In plain simple words select a lighter density extension if you have fine hair. Choose medium density hair if you have thicker, more coarse strands. Moreover place the extension where hair is strongest because perfect placement is also essential.

What Is The Raw Material Used In The Making Of A Hair Extension?

The basic ingredient is hair and you know hair can be synthetic or human.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair or Artificial Hair is mostly made from a material called acrylic. For the purpose of making hair a low grade acrylic is used and then heated and strung into individual fine strands to make hair fibers. Synthetic hair is basically a polymer composed of fine plastic fibers taken from acrylic or polyester. To make the fine threads of hair monofilament or polyfilament fibres can be used. Hair extensions and wigs constructed of synthetic hair are cheaper than hair pieces made from human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are also available in super long lengths. You can get any color and any length you want in synthetic hair. The only drawback is that it can’t give you 100 percent natural look and it’s not much heat resistant. So if you love frequent styling with hot iron and blow drying then human hair option is the best for you.

Human  hair

Human hair is very expensive because of the huge demand of human hair around the globe. The majority of human hair used in wigs and extensions comes from China and India. Mongolian and Brazilian hairs are also popular. Hairs once collected from donors’ heads are then untangled and sorted. In case if there are any lice they also need to be picked out of hair. This is followed by hair washing, drying and dying so all this process of making a quality wig takes many days. Long hefty and healthy hair particularly blonde hair is more expensive, short hairs are also sold but not as pricey as long hair. A truth about human hair is that now that economies of most of the countries like China and India are much stronger than they were some years ago so there aren’t as many hair donors now as there once were because the citizens are wealthier. That simply means that the demand is greater than supply now that’s why companies are now looking more and more innovative ways to come up with novice ideas to produce synthetic hair as good as real human hair.


The Most Popular Human Hair for Extensions Hair around the Globe

Remy Hair 

The premium hair is called Remy hair, but why. Let’s find out. Though Remy hair is not always virgin but still Remy hair is at the top on the market because of its exceptional quality

When we talk hair extensions, the main thing that sets Remy hair apart from other hair extensions is the making process. While making remy hair extensions, hair strands are fit in the same direction i.e. all hair follicles from root to tip run in one direction. This gives the hair the ultimate shine with almost no matting or tangling.

In the entire hair industry the “Remy Hair” is the most overused and misunderstood phrase. People generally consider remy hair as virgin hair but it’s rarely true. Not all remy hair extensions are made out of virgin hair. Remy hair can and cannot be virgin.

 Non-Remy Hair? Can I Buy this as Best Hair Extension?

Non-Remy hair is fallen hair: that is collected from various sources such as the floor of temples, salons, and door-to-door brush hair collection. This hair collected is subjected to an acid bath, which completely strips the cuticles that are all in different directions during collection. After the acid bath, the hair is dipped in silicone, which makes it lustrous and temporarily “tangle-free”. After a couple of washes, the silicone wears off – causing matting and tangling of the hair. Non-remy hair is cheap hair that does not last long, and is difficult to maintain.


Virgin Hair

Virgin hair refers to the hair that is unprocessed hair and that directly comes from the donors head. Getting real virgin hair is a matter of luck because of the rigorous standards to qualify as virgin hair quality standards include that the hair should not be bleached, colored, dyed and chemically processed. Moreover it should be obtained from a single donor and all the cuticles should run in the same direction and should be intact. Virgin hair lasts the longest and need exactly the same hair care as you do for your own hair.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is also extremely popular not only due to fine quality but also many celebrities such as Ariana Grandeand, Gabrielle Union  proudly told people about their Brazilian hair extensions.

Why Brazilian Hair Are Hard To Get?

Brazilian hair is “gold standard” for hair extensions and is considered excellent hair due to many reasons including the thickness, volume and durability.  Brazilian hair when cared for properly can last the longer from 6-8 months. Moreover Brazilian hair is naturally bouncy and full thus gives you fabulous look. Brazilian hair are healthy and they blend so naturally in your own hair that no one can detect any extension. In short Brazilian hair extensions function exactly like your natural hair because of its thickness and overall look.

Some Other Popular Types of Hair used in  Hair Extensions

Indian Hair

Indian hair is highly sought after extensively found and available in hair extensions market and is said to be very popular among users. This hair type boasts of a very fine and delicate structure that can be styled easily due to its airy composition. The texture range varies from smooth and silky to lightly coarse bristly. One downside to this hair type is that it becomes frizzy under humid climate conditions. This Indian hair collection specializes in top quality unprocessed and chemically intact hair strands that guarantees an amazing hair experience, you can check it here.

Chinese Hair

Chinese hair has amazingly luxuriant texture that is naturally straight and thick. These dense hair strand are intensely smooth and silky, perfect for those who desire a sleek look. The thickness and strength makes it less likely to hold curls unless processed with iron. Chinese hair extensions are comparatively costlier than Indian hair and even stronger.

Mongolian Hair

Mongolian hair varies in texture from Indian and Chinese hair and falls somewhere between these two. Though it is rare to find this exotic hair type is more durable and lasting than Indian hair but much lighter than Chinese hair. The perfect balance of smoothness and durability makes it suitable for donning a distinct style and chic look. Only buy Mongolian hair collection that features high quality virgin hair collected from single donors to ensure similar textures and cuticle direction which makes styles and handling extensions easy and fun Have a look  at this and tell us what do you think?

European Hair/ Blonde Hair

This hair type has the most natural lightest available color and shades. Blonde or European hair extensions are expensive and limitedly available. It has fine to medium density and is quite easy to style. Blond hair supports curls and waves nicely and looks incredible when donned straight. Because it comes in lighter colors and shades that ultimately makes it less chemically processed. It blends best with fine hair and also goes well with other textures. Get Blond hair extensions at discounted prices here

Russian Hair

Russian hair type is considered the one of the highest standards in extension market. The prominent features of this hair type is the beautiful and soft texture and ultra-smooth appearance. This hair type has a natural wave in it that makes blending of the extension hair with natural hair more realistic. Its silky and soft structure makes it invulnerable to tangling and frizz. As compare to European hair, Russian hair is durable and lasts longer.

See What is Your Favorite Color for Your Hair Extensions?

  • Jet Black hair color

On the scale of color intensity, the jet black color is the darkest and most concentrated color. It usually has a certain luster to it which adds to the royal aura of the wearer. Cool or pale color tone naturally goes hand in hand with this shade but there is no hard and fast rule.

  • Black hair

Black hair color strands are considered to be the classic hair color so this enriched and enchanting hair tone is most sought after. Any complexion can rock it with equal ease and elegance.

  • Dark brown hair color

Dark brown is the dominant hair color of the lot. Deep brown tone of this color is closest to black color that radiated calmness and depth. It gives out a subtle message about your individuality without being much loud.

  • Brown color

Brown color or more exotically known as brunette color has a hazel hue in dark brown color which adds a further dimension to the personality spectrum. This chocolate Brown color hair is deliciously attractive and extremely glamorous.

  • Blond hair color

Blond hair color ranges from platinum blond being the lightest available blond shade, to dense blond that has a golden tone. This color shade rarely occurs in nature so understandably it is always in high demand.

  • Ombre hair color

This hair color represents a gradient of two or more different colors mixed seamlessly. This shade exhibits a wonderful effect and gives a special definition to your look. Bright ombré gradients and feather extensions are new hit today so know that your hair will never be boring again!

  • Red hair color

Red hair range varies from dull blond red to deep and bright, true red hair color which is also difficult to come by. It is at the same time mysterious and fiery. People with this hair color exhibit a generally bold style statement.

Other Colors Hair Extensions

Colors light up our lives. This eye catchy trend has changed people’s perception of their hair. Color hair extensions add a certain allure to your personality, making you more charming and edgy with a hint of boldness and creativity. Whether it’s a bright color hair extension lace closure or a colored weft extension peeking from your routine hair, it certainly adds to the mesmerism of your style and you don’t even have to treat your hair chemically to attain this. Hair color extensions come in variety of colors and you should choose your extension hair shade carefully, keeping in mind your skin tone, eye color and complexion. Below are some characteristic hair colors and their individualistic features.

Color your human hair extensions with the help of coloring human hair extensions guide

Purple hair color extensions

Purple hair color extensions are cool, fun and daring. This hip trend has secured a quite large and loyal fan following. These are usually in bright purple shades or delicate pastel colors. Both hair shades look amazingly pretty.

Blue hair color  extensions

Rarest naturally found color, this hair shade is sometimes tricky to style but is the most playful of the all. It has hues of dark blue or silver blue in its texture giving it an ice blue tint.

Not only this, but  other colors  like green and magenta colors are also becoming popular. How about multiple colors of hair on one head?  Multiple color  hair extensions are no more weird people are fondly using these.

Textures of Hair Used in Hair Extensions

Straight Hair

Straight hair texture in hair extensions means that the hair bundle is flat ironed and shows no waves at all, not even the natural wave of the hair. This texture has a particular gloss to it, giving it a sleek appearance. Straight hair works best when it does not shrivels up when dried. Side swept bangs and high ponytails extensions are usually supported with straight locks to showcase a polished and tidy look.

Curly Hair

Deep waves with smaller diameter falls under category of curly hair. This type of hair add a dimension of fullness in overall appearance of the hair as well as a whole new bubbly persona of the wearer.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair type has a natural flair to it and is extremely flowy. This hair type is said to be the very attractive and chic. The waves can be divided into body wave and deep wave. Body waves are bigger and less frequent on a strand while deep waves are strong waves, smaller in diameter, mostly processed and treated. Medium and coarse hair pull off wavy patterns remarkably.

Silky hair

Silky hair texture is glossy, luxurious, sleek and easy to handle. The hair cuticles run alongside each other in the same direction which ensures that the hair does no tangle. Their range varies from fine to thick and can instantly enhance the appearance of the wearer.

Coily hair

Coilyhair more popularly known as kinky hair has strongly defined spring shaped curl in the hair structure. It derives this particular form because of the chemical composition of the cuticle and the relatively flatter structure of the hair. These S shaped or Z shaped curls are tightly packed together giving it a very dense appearance.With the help of some right hair products this voluminous hair look makes it way more easy to try on cool hair styles like dreads, mini breads, natural or a fro. Coily hair structure requires deep conditioning and oil treatment in order to avoid shrinkage and breakage of the strands. Following a healthy maintenance routine helps you wear your hair with utmost excitement and flaunt it like a boss.


Not only the above hair textures are being used in hair extensions industry but there are also many more for example “Afro-textured hair” like kinky or deep curly etc.  With every passing day this extension hair industry is evolving and novice textures are also being introduced quickly.


Before You Drop a Small Fortune let’s Have a Look At Different Hair Extensions Available on The Market Today.



Temporary hair extensions are the hair pieces applied for a quick noticeable change in hair style and appearance. These weft pieces add a nice and interesting flair in your over-all look. These hair bundles are usually worn occasionally for events and parties and can be taken off whenever desired. These are especially suitable for people who don’t want a permanent transformation. Being economically affordable, fast and easy to apply, they are a great alternative to a monotonous routine look.These include Clip in Hair extensions and ponytail extensions.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions with clips are temporary extension method where bundles of hair extensions are applied using small clips that are pressure sensitive. Clip in hair extensions is an easy, basic and a non-committed procedure to get instant length and volume by using a set of hair extensions that comes with tiny clipping attachments. These are most suitable for event wear and must be removed before sleeping in. This hair extension clip-ins can be washed and styles just like your natural hair but this is not long lasting and tends to worn away with frequent use. Moreover these might not be suitable for people with thin hair as the weight of the clips can be damaging for the natural hair of the wearer. This extension hair clip-in is usually cost efficient, although the investment slightly varies depending on the brand and type of hair used. Best clip-in hair extensions use Human hair instead of synthetic ones and are processed mildly.
For finding out more on Clip-in extensions 


Clip in Bangs Extensions

Clip in bangs extension come in the length of 6 inches so that these can be fitted all sizes of forehead and can be customized and cut accordingly. These also have small clips attached to them that facilitate in installation. The bang extension is bended over the edges to unsnap the clip. Natural front hair is needed to be backcombed or ratted a bit and the tiny clip of the extension bang is slid under the backcombed hair and the clip is snapped shut. Additional pins may be used to keep the bangs intact. These can be applied in no time and also can be ironed, blow-dried, or curled.


Ponytail extensions

Ponytail extensions serve two basic functions of adding length and volume to the hair, but do so in little different way. Instead of hiding away the extension in the natural hair ponytail extension is showed off over the top, it thickens the ponytail and transforms the okay-looking ponytail into a stylish style statement. It is suitable for people with shorter hair and those with damaged hair tips. Wrap around ponytail hair extensions are also common. In order to install it, a small ponytail is made at the top of the head to act as a base for clipping the ponytail extension hair, leaving the rest of the hair around to cover the tracks. The wefts are then clipped in around the base near to the elastic band in the same direction as the hair would go in when held into a ponytail. The remaining hair are then gathered and formed into a tight voluminous ponytail.




Semi-permanent hair extensions is a relatively permanent process to notch up your hair game up to the mark in a long lasting and durable way. These extensions are fixed using methods like sewing-in or micro links that ensure these hair pieces stay on for a longer periods of time and save the time for re applying the extension hair time and time again. These, if maintained properly can last up to 6 months of time.

The  following are the most popular semi permanent hair extensions being used these days

 Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extension is a bundle of hair in which the individual strands of hair have been sewn or stitched together by hand or through a machine, to make a 2 to 4 inches wide weft. It has a reinforcing stitch near the top of the weft; the ends of the weft are then flipped over to make the final stitch creating a durable and secure weft extension. These weft extension bulks of hair can be applied in rows to the head. A weft of hair is usually more resilient and lasts longer than a clip in extension. Wefts extensions can be applied through following techniques of Glue in, sew in, or tape in. Another variation in wefts is skin weft extension that is relatively novel creation. In this the human hair are threaded through a matte sticky panel that gives it the appearance of growing from the scalp, making it discreet and hard to notice even when you are supporting a high ponytail.


For more detail on Types and materials of wefts visit this

Glue in method of weft extension

This is a short term method for attaching extension weft to the hair by using glue at the base of the weft and applying the weft to the natural hair part. The pasted wefts are removable and any oil based solvent dissolves the adhesive material of the glue, taking out the extension weft. Some disadvantages include less styling options, damage to the skin due to direct application of glue, and the weight of thick extension wefts. However this is the most cost efficient type of hair extension; the price depends on the amount of glue used and the cost of hair.


Sew in Extension Hair

Sew in hair extension also called weave extension method is quite popular in people who want permanent extensions without using heat or chemicals. The wearer’s natural hair is braided and the extension weft or hair bundle is sewn into that braid tightly using it as a base without damaging the hair or scalp. The weight of the extension weft is endured by the natural hair so this works best for the people with thick, healthy hair texture. It can cost around $100 to $1000 making it the most affordable of the lot. The hair need to be washed regularly in order to avoided in buildup in the braids. Also a careful application is required as to not put strain on the head or the natural hair braid because it can lead to headache and alopecia.
A variation of sewn in weft is flat track beaded weft where natural hair not need to be braided. Medium sized square sections of the hair are parted at almost 1.5 cm apart and each weft is attached and sewn on to the smallest possible amount of hair.

A detailed account of sewn in extensions can be found here


Tape in Weft Extension Hair

Tape in hair extension are really quick to install, probably easiest of them all. In this technique the weft of the hair is clamped or pressed between preferably wide sections of tape. The tape can be single or double sided. This is applied in a way that the section of natural hair is sandwiched between two extension wefts. These semi-permanent extensions are also called tape skin weft and usually last up to 8 weeks with option of being re-usable but the use of silicon or oil based products can cause the tape to lose adhesiveness and slip. One downside to the Taped weft extension is that these usually are low quality and have limited styling options to support. Tape extensions are also less expensive, costing around $300-$2000 at the most. It does demand frequent maintenance and the hassle of taking off and putting it on though.


Colored Hair Extensions

Colored hair extensions are becoming popular by every passing day. These are quirky, individualistic and add an edgy dimension to one’s personality. Colored extension hair is processed and have added silicon base. These can be in the form of weft of same or different shades or bundles of extension with single or multiple shades, graded color strands are even trendier. The color is achieved by dip-dying the hair in one color initially from the root then in the other for an ombré effect. There is a huge choice in tone, gradient, highlights or customizing the color. These follow the same methods of installation as other extension types.


Crochet Braids Extension
Crochet braids extension has made a comeback after its earlier appearance in late nineties and 2000s though this time they are even more diverse and versatile. The application method is similar to weave but has certain differences. The hair is braided or cornrowed in a pattern that corresponds to the desired outlook of the crochets. The lose strands of hair extension crochets are then looped under the braids and knotted with the help of a hook called crochet needle. These are easy and quick to apply, are relatively cheaper and most of all, protect the natural hair completely.  The only contentious part about having crochet extension hair is to wash the natural and extension hair gently and properly.


Frontal Lace Hair Extensions
Frontal hair extensions also known as frontals, designed to give a more natural and realistic appearance to the added extensions. These are lace pieces with individual strands of human virgin hair knotted and attached to it in a way that it looks as if it is growing from the scalp. This particular extension pieces is places on the forehead along the hairline and is sewn in to the braided hair or glued from temple to temple. This ensures that the hair piece lays fattened over the scalp and the hairline looks natural. Frontal lace hair extensions come in various colors and textures. One disadvantage of lace extensions is that the knots are visible so it needs to be bleached before application. Proper maintenance is required to last the extension wig longer. Read more on Frontal Lace Closures 


Lace Closure Extension
Lace closure hair extensions are different than lace frontal extension in the way that lace closures cover the top of the head and can be moved according to the need of the style while the frontal is supposed to go from ear to ear. Lace closure extension uses many types of hair like Remy, non-Remy, Indian, and different textures. If the closure is being applied only over the crown then blending in with the natural hair can be a problem. For that the form and the quality of the extension hair needs to be carefully matched with the natural hair. On the other hand if the whole head is being covered with lace closures or a 360 degree closure then the natural hair would not be exposed at all and you can flaunt the new hair the way you desire.


Learn more about closure extensions and save huge money

Pre-bonded or fusion hair extensions (glue/keratin); best for strand to strand extensions

In this method of attaching extension weave to the hair, the extension hair is bonded or joined together with the natural hair permanently. This is a strand to strand bonding resulting in the most natural and discreet blending of the hair. This fusion can be done by hot bonding or cold fusion. Fusion can cost from $500 to $4000 and is the most time consuming of all the methods.

Glue in hair extensions/ Cold Fusion

Glue in hair extension as the name implies, is a method to put on weft extensions or individual strands or bulk of hair using glue as an adhesive medium. The petroleum based material or the glue bonds the hair tip with the extension strand semi-permanently and can be styled in any way. High maintenance is required to preserve the bonds so the extension doesn’t come off. Use of harsh conditioners, heating appliances or oils should be avoided.

Keratin or hot fusion hair extensions

In this method a U shaped keratin bond is lined with silicon and then is used to attach the hair strands to each other using heat. The heat seals and melts the U shape keratin bond ensuring permanent extension. The bonds usually are aligned closer to the roots, allowing some space for the movement of natural hair. This type of application of extension is luxurious and takes plenty of time and expertise but is considered to be the most durable of all the extension application methods, lasting up to 8 months with appropriate maintenance.

Micro bead/ Micro link/ micro ring hair extensions

This heat free and glue free method of linking individual strands of hair to the extension hair is said to be the least damaging. There is a tiny bead on the tip of the extension strand that is clamped to the natural hair. The upside to this procedure is the freedom of using conditioner, oil products and hair styling tools. They are durable for 3 to 4 months.


Hair extensions a Hassle or a Blessing

Hair extensions are talk of the town today in the grooming Industry, mainly because of its quick and efficient way to change and enhance the appearance in a blink. Also adding length, volume and highlights to hair without the use of chemicals has never been so easy before. Good thing about these hair extension pieces is that these are dermatologically tested and do no damage to your scalp.  Hair extensions come in various forms and styles, and their use depends on your personal preference and purpose.

If you want to know more about artificial hair or extensions hair you can check  “Artificial Hair Wikipedia”


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