Hair pieces Lovers can now Learn to Buy hair Extensions                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hair pieces hair: I love this hair every time I Step out people want to know how I get my hair to look so healthy and I have to say this is not all me....... to their surprise I am wearing a weave from hair extensions authority. I will never go back to Beauty Supply hair again. Special Thanks To my Bestie for turning me own to the best hair ever!!!!

Tiffini Collier — Woodridge, Illinois

DIY Hair Pieces: Now buy hair extensions and install at home with the help of tutorials

Wonderfully versatile. Besthairextensions.com guided me through detailed guides and tutorials and I bought not only the best hair extension but also be able to save money on installations as DIY tutorials helped me a lot. I would recommend everyone to subscribe to Hair Extensions Authortity Site to save time and money.

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Kimberly Jackson 

I landed on besthairextensions.com and browse through different articles, faqs and shop. The wavy hair was wonderfully versatile. It never tangled. I could go with the wet and wavy look or straighten depending on my mood or the length of time I had to get ready for work. Both looked amazing! I also used the lace closure which was very helpful for switching up looks and parts. This adds fullness and had the same qualities as the machine weft so that I could wear a full or flat look.

Hair Pieces are great but what is even greater is the information on how to buy hair extensions cheap

Javie Bonie Union Lever 

I have to write a testimonial to tell you all that this hair is amazing! I have ordered from other online sites prior to this and the hair was ok but nothing even close to the quality of Amazon! And I am guided to this site by this site. I am now a customer and subscriber of “hair extensions authority site for ever. for LIFE!

Thank you for helping us with how to buy hair extensions and the best hair pieces

I ordered 4 hair pieces of  straight hair virgin wefts, and a lace frontal. I had the wefts died Dark Auburn #35 by Ali EXPRESS BECAUSE Sara advised me to buy cheap hair extensions from ali express. Believe you me the color is gorgeous! They dont dye frontals or closures so I had my hairdresser color match and it blended perfectly. It was super easy to do and the hair took the color very nicely.

If you are on the fence like I was for buying from a different site than you are used to... I highly suggest you consulting from Hair Extensions Authority Site. . You will NOT be disappointed!  

Stephanie from UK

What I love your site is that the articles are in detail covering each and everything. I am currently researching about the future extension which I will buy. The customer service is top notch, specifically Neelam. She is so patient and sweet and really went over the top to make me a happy user.

Thank you again Hair extensions authority site! I love my hair! I never thought of buying any hair extension ever, but now due to your site I will just try some best hair extension to change the over all color of my hair.

Lisa DoeInterior Designer
Kimberly Jackson

I had extensions in before that said the product was 100% human hair. But after CONSULTING and checking articles at besthairextensions near me” I knew the difference between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions. I know that the other product was subpar. I ordered 16" straight virgin hair with i-tips (fusion using a tube) and it literally feels and looks exactly like my own hair. When I run my fingers through I can't feel the difference! It doesn't shed, or tangle and they lighter than the other extensions I used so my head isn't sore or itchy. I had two packs put in 25 in each pack) and just ordered a third to have added for fullness. I really love this product and I have already recommended it to several people.

Serina Kirkland — Tampa


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Shermika BryantAir Hostess

I ordered the 18" wavy weft about 2 months ago after reading an article from your site.. and WOW, the hair still looks just as good as it did when I first got it. I absolutely love hair extensions authority site. The combination of human touch and step by step detailed tutorials and honest reviews cannot be beat. Now I am thinking to buy pony tail extensions

Shanae S — Writer

Your website “hair extensions Authority” is great website and now whenever someone wants to by hair weave “I just refer her to your website. The hair is great and takes color well. This hair was originally a dark brown. I stripped it with a blonde and then tone it with a golden chocolate. Blends great with my hair!

I bought hair  weaves from your site. I will refer everyomne to your site to buy hair extensions.  

Very sexy straight or curly. Been wearing the same hair for almost 7 months.

Jenie-----Textile Designer
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This was my first purchase from “Hair Extensions Authority” and I'm completely satisfied. Customer service was awesome and my hair looks and feels great! If your discouraged once your hair arrives simply wash and condition it, and watch it come to life! I'd definitely recommend!

This is my first time using THE SITE “Hair Extensions Authority. This website is great in a sense that I learn so many things from DIY tutorials and greta thing that I have installed myself the extension hair. I have installed keratin bond flat tip myself. I bought hair from pretty woman I love this company because the hair comes colored and I don't have to color hair, which can be a complicated process. I will continue to use Hair Extensions Authority for my hair needs. Buy hair extensions but always grab information from this website.

Joanah TaylorSales Girl
JM Sanford — , Maryland

I've had my install now for about 3 weeks and I absolutely love it...I love the versatility of the hair and the texture. I also love the sales that your site gives their customers to allow every woman to have that perfect experience. My order was delivered promptly. I would definitely recommend this site to my friends to buy hair pieces. I simply love your blog too.

I love this website”hair extensions authority site!!! This is the first time I've ordered hair off the internet and customer service was awesome. It doesn't shed or tangle and it's very soft with lots of body. I have 18 inch loose curl 1B and 14 inch loose curl dark brown for highlights. I will only shop for hair from besthairextensionsnearme.

Katrina Queen--Model New Jersey
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Buying hair pieces without proper information can lead to wrong decisions. Friends whenever you want to buy hair extension just log onto to www.besthairextensionsnearme.com to get the detailed indepth information. Moreover you will find out the best hair salons near you. The extensions hair they recommend are the cheapest and nice quality. just try this website and you wont disappointed. 

I like besthairextensionsnearme.com very much because of their quizzes and rewards program, but what I don't like is that they offer very few free hair extensions. I will request hair extensions authority site to make  efforts to offer their subscribers more and more free hair hair pieces. 

Savaira Salam
Shop Girl         


This hair is not only the best, the company is too. Customer service is beyond excellent. I love the hair, I have the straight virgin hair in 16-18 inches and I am definitely going to try the curly texture. Shipping was unbelievable, I live on the East coast and of course the website from where I bought hair is on the West coast... my hair arrived in 2 days with the free shipping. I have experienced this hair for 3 months now and every time I wash it is as if I have new hair. I ordered some more today because I love it soo much and I can’t help myself, lol; I received a great discount for uploading a video and some photos. Hair extensions authority website is the best and I will continue to stay a loyal customer because the user can search the best nearest online resource to buy hair extensions or the nearest salon to install the hair pieces from their website. If you want to use the search option then use “Hair Extensions Near Me”

Malai Mona---Hair Stylist
Katrina Keller — Norfolk, Virginia

I have struggled with trying to find clip on extensions that not only match my color, but also my texture. I have blonde curly coarse hair with reddish undertones. All other places that offer the curly hair extensions only come in black and brown shades. I was so happy to see that you can custom order at glory hair recommended by hair extensions authority site! I ordered the color swatches first, matched my color and was able to place an order for curly blonde hair! I received them yesterday and they look great! I am going to order more! 🙂 Also I have searched the nearest salon by using the website's search feature “hair extensions near me”

I will recommend everyone who want to buy hair extensions or hair pieces to simply first check the website"hair extensions authority" why? because they have the A-Z info on all the hair extensions on this earth. Moreover the websites and online resources they recommend you will give you lots of cheap hair extensions with excellent quality  Last but not least the facility for us to search the hair extensions near us. 

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I bought hair closure some years back those were not only too expensive but bad quality. This time thankfully I landed on site "hair extensions authority" . This was initially an informational site and the information was also less. I left the site as I hate reading articles but then one day my friend suggested me to  check "besthairextensionsnearme.com" because she just bought nice pony tail extensions from that site I logged on again and I saw the same site. This time I saw huge changes and  new features on the site. The articles though were super long but were presented in a way that even I read two articles on lace closure and lace frontal and discovered that I should buy lace frontal instead of closure weave. I also learnt how to maintain my  hair  piece  and how to color my newly bought hair unit. Not only this but I also bought the cheapest hair piece from a site recommended by them. I now stress you to just check the hair extensions authority site once and see the magic yourself. 

Malaika SoeEvent Promoter
Hair pieces of men

Men are not Happy with Hair Extensions Authority

The best thing I like about the site “hair extensions authority” is the informational encyclopedia and DIY videos. I am running a men’s salon so for me the new and updated information about hair pieces and best human hair extensions plays a pivotal role.  I like the articles on” Coloring  human hair extensions  and  Permanent vs semi permanent hair color. We only use human hair extensions at our salon because when we compare human hair extensions vs. synthetic extensions then human hair extensions are definite winner particularly for men. Keep up the good work dear owner of this site. I only have one complaint i.e. the site owner Neelam don’t mention hair extensions for men or post articles specifically  for men though men use hair pieces and buy hair extensions more often but this site ignores men totally.



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Thank you all for providing us with your valuable feedback. Yes we have worked so much hard for launching this site from scratch and now your appreciation is our reward. We are bringing newest features and latest up to date information on hair pieces to the site every day.  We are glad that you learn how to buy hair extensions, installation and much more from this site. Men are right in their point of view and soon we will add so many informational articles and features regarding “hair extensions for men” Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.