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Hair Weave Color Chart for those who are Concerned About Hair Color Type

Professional hairdressers say that if a person wants to choose the best and the most suitable color, he or she should think over the color-type. There are two color-types: cold and warm. To identify it the person should combine his or her natural hair color, the color of the eyes and complexion. This combination will show the type of main coloring.

If your skin is extremely pale, dark brown or olive colored, you have a cold tone. If you have pale or brown skin with peach or pink undertones, it is considered to be a warm tone. People with cold type should avoid gold, red, yellow and bronze tones. Naturally warm toned people should avoid ash and blue based hair colors.

When choosing a hair dye, don’t go far from your natural hair color. The ideal color for you is two shades lighter or darker than yours. A hair color chart will help you in this complicated task. Don’t choose an extremely different hair dye color because you can be very upset by the result you will get after dyeing.

Look at the hair weave color chart in the shop. Different colors are provided here, but you should find your natural color. Find two nearest shades that are lighter than your hair color now and two shades darker. They will show you how the after-dyeing color will look like. Place the example to your hair and look at the mirror. If you like the color and it matches your color-type, you have found your shade and you can buy this hair dye.

Since most hair dyes contain chemicals that can severely damage your hair, hairdressers say that it is better to buy more or less famous brands like L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf and Garnier, etc. They contain natural components that take care of your hair. And the colors are also bright and shine around six weeks if you use a special shampoo for color treated hair. Find hair weave color chart of any brand you like and try to choose the color using our tips.

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For example, your natural hair color is brown. Look through the hair weave color chart and find it. For example, the name of your color in the chart is Auburn Brown. Then if you want to have a darker color, two darker colors Light Brown and Dark Brown with light brown highlights will surely suit you. Don’t forget about warm and cold color-type. If you are searching for lighter colors, in our case, it is Light Ash Brown and Dirty Blond. As you can see, hair weave color chart is a really helpful thing.

You will find the desirable hair-dye color if you follow our simple tips. The color on the box usually doesn’t match the final result, that’s why we highly recommend you look at the color charts.

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