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Human Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions


Human Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions blonde rfemy extensionsLots of lots of people are confused on human hair extensions vs synthetic hair extensions, because some years back the choice was limited and most people only can buy synthetic hair extensions, but now with the popularity of extensions hair,  now  people can have easy access to human hair extensions as well. Of course human hair extensions are  still expensive but there are so many other questions in your mind which make the decision of buying any extension difficult. Lets answer all common questions one by one.


When it comes to cheap extensions, contrary to popular belief, there are actually many different options. Not only can you choose from a plethora of colors, and styles, but you can also choose between human hair and synthetic. Many people feel that they should automatically buy the most expensive human hair, but the type of hair you buy should actually depend on what you are looking for in the extensions. Here are some of the pros and cons of human hair compared to synthetic hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions: COLOR.

Many people love synthetic hair extensions because since the color is placed on a synthetic fiber, the color doesn’t fade, and there is more consistency from one package of hair to another. If you are interested in adding more vibrant colors to your hair, then high-grade synthetic hair extensions will give your hair the color you crave without worrying about the color fading over time.

With human hair extensions, the color will fade over a period of time, just like it does on your own hair. Also, because all of the hair is different and comes from different people, if you buy a package of hair, then you purchase the same color 6 months later, the color won’t be exactly the same. However, most people don’t mind this because the colors are not so drastic that everyone will be able to tell that your extensions are not the same color that they were 6 months ago. So if dying your hair extensions is not a big deal for you then go with human hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions no doubt have their use, but unfortunately they do not feel like real hair and can often appear fake. Although synthetic hair is undeniably cheaper, it cannot be heated or styled in the same ways in which you would style your own hair. Human hair extensions on the other hand can be styled, exposed to heat and can have a variety of styling tools used on them without causing significant damage to hair. Again the old adage comes to the forefront – why waste your time on a cheap replica when you can have the real thing for a little extra cost.

Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair : BRAIDS.

Human Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions, BRAIDSIt’s no secret that many celebrities are very  much into long side braids, and the best way to achieve that type of braid is with the help of hair extensions. If you are not planning to wear the hair on a regular basis, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the hair, then you may want to purchase synthetic hair. However if a long side braid is going to be more of a permanent hair style, and you plan on wearing it on a regular basis, then you may want to consider human hair extensions.


Synthetic Hair Extensions Vs Human Hair Extensions: LENGTH.

If you are planning on using extensions to add length to your natural hair, then it is a good idea to use human hair extensions because they will usually blend better with your hair and look more real than synthetic hair. As long as you use a color that blends with your natural hair color, it won’t be obvious that you actually have hair extensions. In fact, depending on the length, there is a good chance that you will never actually have to tell anyone that you have hair extensions.

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Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair : STYLING.

This who are obsessed with heat styling their hair usually prefer to use human hair extensions because high quality human hair extensions will not cave under the pressure of flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers. However, no matter how high quality your extensions are, it is never a good idea to style them on high heat. Although human hair extensions are not synthetic, try not to be too hard on them because once you damage too much of the hair, it will begin to look thin and dull very quickly. So unless you are planning to replace your extensions on a very regular basis, try to be gentle on your human hair extensions.

It is ultimately up to you what kind of hair extensions you want to buy, just remember that synthetic and human hair extensions generally serve different purposes. Hopefully, you feel more prepared to make the decision regarding human hair extensions vs synthetic hair extensions

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