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Lace Closure/All You Need To Know About,Exclusive Insight on Lace Closures

Lace Closure Summary: Are you a girl who just can’t get enough of her hair?Luscious curls, dreamy waves, flawless straight look, voluminous weave, textured charming locks, you want it all. And for valid reasons, we must admit because hair has always been an integral part of women’s identity. An essence of their being! We have healthy hefty hair for you. This article is going to provide you in-depth information about a popular solution for hair problems namely the “lace Closure’. Check the table of contents below to get complete insight about the what, how and where of “Lace Closures.”

The Journey-----From Shabby Wigs to Delicate Seamless Lace Closures

Before we discuss lace closures in more detail let me walk you through an interesting hair wigs journey. Hair accessories and trends have guided women’s signature styles and presentation of themselves ever since the beginning of time. In every culture and each time period, women’s hair has been associated with their honor, beauty, and elegance. In historical times, women have even used their hair as a form of cultural expression of their ethnicities, for instance, women of African tribes, Middle-east, subcontinent, and Europe have distinct methods of wearing their hair including dying the hair, using ornamentations or braiding them. Fast forward to the recent times of cultural explosion and global diversity, beauty and grooming industry has come a long way. Technology and science, in combination with manufacturing industries, has led us to a whole new, golden era of Beauty Industry. We have been introduced to styling tools like irons (straightening, curling, crimping), rollers and drying gadgets, and awe-inspiring number and types of chemical products. All this paraphernalia went on for quite a long time. So we don’t blame you if, in order to notch up your fashion game, you have been exposing these precious strands to the entire chemical and heat treatments which seemed to be super popular, but resulted in exhausted, dried and weak with altered pH balance and composition of the hair. Apparently, the only alternative you had besides this was the wigs. The wigs had been the talk of the town for quite a long time. They are quick, handy, and come in multiple styles and ranges. There has not been a much easier way than putting on a suitable wig and going your way. But they too came with certain disadvantages; they appeared to be messy, quite basic and too obvious to be noticed. Being Ill-fitting and unrealistic they have rarely been a go-to option for women striving for perfection and sophistication, Women who have a knack for seamless style and detailed fashion orientation.


Lace Closures to the Rescue!

Just like everything evolves and betters itself, our approach and trends are revolutionizing. Specifically for hair industry, in a time when no hair trend stays for long fashion and styles are changing on a day-to-day basis, to make a permanent or lasting change to hair can prove to be quite risky. Scary, don’t you think? Well, the hair industry has grown tremendously ever since, and we have a better solution for this. Here is when our latest obsession with the Hair closure comes to rescue. Retreat no more to heating and treating, when you can just give your hair the much-needed break from stress and exposureand be this whole new person with whole new hair, “quite literally”. Pretty amazing, huh?


Don’t miss out, Sit back and relax, while we take you to a round-up of everything you need to know about the latest developments in the field of human hair closure, namely the Lace closure.


A hair closure also called a weave closure is a hair article that is made from fabric or lace that has natural or synthetic hair attached to it. It conceals the entire crown of the head in a way that seems subtle and more natural. Using the baby hair, it disguises the hairline, completely covering the natural hair while the part can still be visible, giving the illusion of showing scalp. Sometimes With partial hair weaves, an area of the person’s hair is left out to cover the tracks sewn down to the rest of the hair.

Types of Closures Hair

The top closure wig comes in various forms depending on its suitability. These types are different on the basis of their structure, the material used and the method used to apply these. Structurally, they have three main types.


v Lace closure
Lace closure is a 4×4’’ piece of lace on which individual strands of hair are attached to give a realistic and natural look. It is attached to the crown of the head for volume and a real look.They can also be moved a little to the side to attain a side-part and is placed either through glue, clips or is sewn in. It can also cover bald spots, breakage, and thinning edges.

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v Frontal closure
Front lace closure is a hairpiece that covers the entire hairline, side to side, across the front of the head and is usually sewn to the hair boundary. It creates a natural looking hairline that gives an illusion of real grown hair and it allows for different weave hairstyles. Lace frontals are best suited when you want to try a completely different hair color or texture or when you want to protect your hair from styling or being exposed to the environment. An Exclusive guide on “Lace Frontals"

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v 360 Hair Closure
In 360 frontal a full lace closure goes around the entire hairline rather than covering ear to ear leaving the crown of the head to be installed with the hair bundle instead. In a variation of it called 360 lace wigs the former 360 frontals is sewn along with the hair bundles before-hand. It has more wefts on the top and total wig density is commonly 180%. This hair extension piece has revolutionized the styling as it lets you part anywhere realistically and you can support up-does and high ponytails without having to expose your edges.

v U part Lace Closure

This variation of closure extension is newly introduced. It is created with a ‘U’ shaped cut out at the crown of the head that allows you to leave a small section of your natural hair out through the semi-circular U shape. This is the best solution for creating a natural part. Its natural hairline is more convincing and it is time efficient with no adhesives

On the basis of material used, closure comes in either lace-based or silk based.

Lace-based closure
In a lace closure weave, the human or synthetic hair are attached to a piece of lace by binding in knots. The lace top base is usually made of swiss lace because it is transparent or easily resembles the skin tone of the scalp. These knots appear as dots and can easily be concealed with a little foundation over the part.


A silk base closure also called silk closure weave uses a layer of silk as a base that hides the knots attached to the lace material so that it appears as more natural compared to a lace based closure. It also mimics the skin color of the wearer better.

Which is better? Silk-based or Lase-based Closure?

Both types of closure have their pro’s and cons. Lace base closure cost less and also easily lay flat on the scalp and can blend better while matching the color tone in a silk based closure can be a hassle. Silk-top closures also discard sooner in comparison to lace-top closures.
Concealing the knots using foundation and replicating the hairline while using a lace based closure requires plenty of proficiency and expertise.

How to Install the Closure Hair Weave- A STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Installing wig with lace closure or silk closure basically, follows the same procedure. Both weave closures can be sewn in, fixed with bands, or placed using hair gel with sewing being the most efficient and long-lasting methods of all.

Materials needed for installation (sew-in method)

 Human hair extension bundles

lace closure wig

 Needles with long length (curved C- needle)

 Black Nylon Thread

A comb


Wig cap


Foundation or concealer


Clips and rubber bands

Preparing the Lace closure piece

​Bonus:  Pony Tail extensions

1. Trim excess lace leaving only 3mm or 1/8cm

2. Bleach the closure lace if needed to match the knots to your skin tone but beware not to overdo it.

3. Pluck out some hair along the hairline to give the impression of baby hair otherwise the hairline at the forehead will look unnaturally dense.

4. Also, tweez out some hair along the line where you are going to part your hair to give a more authentic look (if you want a permanent part)


1. Braid your natural hair straight


2.Wear a fitting wig cap

3.Tightly hold the frontal closure ear to ear, through clips or hands


4.. Start sewing in the edges of closure with the braided natural hair using braids as holding points


5.Sew-in along the hairline tightly but don’t over-do it

6. Make sure the closure weave lays as flat as possible


7. Sew in along the both sides of the part also

8.  Sew in the lace hair extensions if you are using any

9. Complete the sewing in process with the lace closure pieces at the top of the head

If you want to install your lace clsoure at home using glue, then this article is for you.Visit “How to Glue in Lace closures”

Do’s and Don’t’s of Lace Closure installation

Do’s of lace closure

1. Always try the measurement of frontal closure temple to temple before sewing in

2. Always match your natural hair texture with the closure

3. Blend!

4. Invest in a quality Human virgin hair closure

5. Do give attention to detailing

6. Do consult your stylist before the installation

Don’t’s of lace closure

1. Don't wear extensions longer than two months

2. Don’t over bleach

3. Don’t over pluck

4. Don’t glue the lace.

Washing the full lace closure

The emphasis of the rinse should be to get rid of the creams, gels, edge control, oils, conditioner or anything that can cause build up. Shampoo your hair two times, the first time using an applicator bottle with water and shampoo focusing on your edges, in between your braids and under the wefts.

On the first application of the shampoo use the tips of your fingers to agitate the dirt and then let the shampoo sit for at least 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Using nails can cause scalp irritation. Apply your shampoo again, the second time and cleanse thoroughly.

Taking care of your valued closure weaves

There’s nothing more impressive than a freshly done firsthand look. Achieving this new look and maintaining it asks for some real effort into day-to-day management in order to protect the investment and keep you feeling esteemed and gorgeous. The following guidelines are for Human Hair closure wigs and need not to be applied to synthetic, glued in or braided extensions.

The key steps and instructions are all about keeping you beautiful and your hair healthy, shiny and mesmerizing. We are going to share daytime care, night time care, and curly hair bellow.

1. Daily care routine comprises of 3 parts, protecting, styling, and maintaining.

2. Moisturize your virgin hair in order to keep them soft and healthy.

3. Avoid using tough bristles and plastic bands that can damage the hair cuticle and make them crumple together.

4. Minimize the use of heat tools.

Trim the ends regularly or the split ends will travel the length of the hair and damage it.

5. Wash the closure extensions with a small amount of shampoo and conditioner once in a week to get rid of the residual or build-up.

6. If you are sleeping with the full closure on then use a satin pillow and tie your hair in a ponytail.

7. Wrapping the sewn in hair in a circular motion using a large paddle brush around the head and securing with pins increases its life span.

8. Rehydrate.

9. Use your fingers when styling the curly hair closure rather than using the comb.

10. If the hair is wavy, you can protect the strands with large dual strand twists, DO NOT PIN WAVY LOOKS.

11. Deep hydrate once in a while

Types of Hair used in the Lace Closure

Virgin hair Lace Closure

The quality, texture, and purity of the hair used in the making of the closure are important factors. Virgin hair is said to be of premium quality as it has never been exposed to chemicals and is said to be all-natural. The fact that it has never been chemically treated makes it finest for styling and managing. Top closures are the ones gathered from a single donor, necessary for an unnoticeable and realistic weave.

Brazilian hair Lace Closure

Brazilian hair weave is assumed to be the finest of all textures. It is thick, strong and wavy and has a lustrous appearance which seems quite natural and cannot be achieved by the styling chemicals alone. It has a light weave that makes hair look flowy and authentic, also it is comparatively easier to style.

Remy hair  Lace Closure

Remy hair is classified as one of the most popular and expensive type of hair due to the special method used to collect and manufacture it. Remy extensions hair is usually collected by a lone donor, cutting it in such a way that all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction. This is done by holding the hair in a ponytail and then cutting it. This procedure maintains the natural texture of the hair and this is the reason the remy hair does not tangle. These features increase the demand and cost of this particular type of hair. But this investment is worth it, considering the fact that it can last upto 6 months with proper maintenance.

Indian hair Lace Closure

Indian hair is healthy, sleek and straight but thin in comparison to Brazilian hair. It works best in environmental conditions similar to the Asian countries. It is most popular amongst women who want to style their hair in distinct ways because of its high in quality, soft to touch and quite flexible.

Apart from these, Malaysian and Peruvian hair types are also popular, all of which come in varying degrees of curls, deep curls, natural wave, deep wave, super straight. Before buying one of these products you should consider the texture and look of your own hair, the appearance that you want, the manageability, and the durability of the product. The best hair extensions for you are the one requiring the least maintenance and they should behave as your natural hair.

Where to get Lace Closures with High quality?

The Hair closure comes by many names, including weave closure, lace closure, frontal closure, closure wigs, closure hair and so on. The most likely place where you can get this accessory is of course the electronic market or online retail websites. There is no scarcity of online resources in this regard. Nevertheless, you need to be careful while deciding to buy any product online. Always make purchases from a trusted website and do not believe any offer that sounds too good to be true.

The second place to get these extensions and hair closure is the Salons. They showcase a lot of variety and are easily and quickly reachable. One perk that you will have is that you can try the hair piece on and can check the quality and style of the closure. Moreover, the stylists present there will be able to guide you about the installation procedure and even better can install it for you.

There are several high-end products to choose from, which can help you make an affordable and edgy style statement. However, the most crucial part is to make an educated and aware choice. You should be able to tell the high-quality products from the lower ones. By taking into account the type of closure you want and the type of hair you need, you can make a valuable decision about your purchase. What do you think, from where you will buy your first lace closure?

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