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Ponytail Extensions

Ponytail Extensions, Few Things Every Hair Enthusiast Should Know about Ponytails Extension

Ponytail extensions, but why? Ponytails are timeless. Ponytails are the easiest hairdo ever and the most classic one. This stunning hairstyle does not require any special expertise and is always a go-to option when you are in a hurry. But not everyone has an irresistible amount or quality of hair that makes ponytails look so flattery? This is why we have ponytail extensions. The hair extensions that will make you fall in love with ponytails all over again!  To read many interesting facts about pony tails this ponytail Wikipedia article is for you. 

Pony Tail Extensions What's the very First Thing?

The first and most important concern while going for a ponytail hair extension should be to use the right texture and right color of the extension hair. The reason for this is quite simple. While wearing hair wigs or hair closure the hair are mostly hidden under the wig cap but in the case of ponytail extensions, the extension hair need to be blending in. This way nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing an extension ponytail if the texture and color matches your natural hair. If applied properly, the ponytail hair extensions are ideal for all hair types as a quick fix. These temporary hair extensions will change any bad hair day into a super fine hair day.

Hair Used in Ponytail Extensions

The types of hair used in ponytail extensions are Synthetic hair and Human hair and we have already discussed these in detail "Lace Closures"

Clip in Ponytail Extensions

Clip in ponytails are the human or synthetic extension hair attached sewn together to a clasp or a clip on the upper part. This tiny can be applied to the natural hair by putting pressure on either side of the clip. These clip on extensions come in various colors and lengths but the most popular are the 16’’, 22’’, and 26’’. The ease and affordability of these extension ponytails makes it the hot pick for the ladies becauseonce you have tried this ponytail hair extension, it is going to be an instant love affair. Totally!

 Clip in  Extensions Ponytail, How to Apply?

Clip In Ponytail Extensions Installation Steps

Excellent Clip In Ponytail Extensions Installation Steps

1. Comb your natural hair and the extension hair thoroughly to achieve neat and easy to manage hair.

2. Place your hair into a hair band in the shape of a ponytail either at the crown of the hair or bellow it.

3. Wrap your hair into a nice and tight bun.

4. Attach the clips of the extension ponytails to the base of the bun by pressing the clasps.

5. Tuck these tiny clasps under the bun for a more realistic look.

6. Secure the clips by taking a long thin section of hair and wrapping it around base of the bun.

7. Support and secure the bun with some additional hair pins for a super comfy feel.

Popular Ponytail Extensions, Wrap Pony Tail Extension?

Wrap around ponytail extensions is another variation of the method to add instant volume and thickness to a seemingly boring ponytail. The wrap on extension hair has a small comb that goes into the natural ponytail for the require hold and a long section of hair extension to add the finishing. Most wrap on extensions also have a sticky patch attached to them for added support. The wrap around hair extensions come in different shades and lengths ranging from 14 to 32 and are suitable for short hair and long hair equally.

Steps involved in  Extension Pony Tail Wrap Installation



1. Secure all of your hair into a ponytail.

2. Trim the separated section of wrap on hair if needed.

3. Place the extension ponytail over the natural one and insert the comb into the hair ahead of the hair band.

4. Take the section of the hair and wrap around the base of the ponytail securing it with the sticky band.

5. Wrap around for 2 or 3 times for a tight and sleek attachment.

Black Ponytail Extensions

Black ponytail extension hair is your step towards elegance and mystery. The deep and dark aura that surrounds the black hairstyles is the characteristic of the black ponytail extension. These simplistic natural hair extension ponytails in light wave and dead straight texture are best suitable for night parties and official events. The black ponytail extension is going to be your new addiction, and not every addiction is bad!

Long Ponytail Extensions

If you have shoulder length or medium length hair, the long ponytail extensions will be a pleasant twist in your appearance once in a while. These lengthy locks are going to be your savior when you are done with monotonous short up-does. Long ponytail extensions complement your stylish avatar and make you look like a diva, any given day.

High Ponytail Extensions

High ponytail hair extensions add a flowing up-tight and feminine touch to your over all look with a hint of glamour. High ponytails are usually worn over top of the crown of the head, with the natural hair nicely tucked in a bun or ponytail. With a little added support of hair pins, a hump is created right over the crown and the extension is trimmed in layers for a more natural look. All set to rock.

Short Ponytail Extensions

Short ponytail hair extensions are best for those girls who do not want to sacrifice the length of their hair while experimenting with the edgy short hair styles. Now you get to achieve a chic and catchy look without cutting your hair and find your hair on fleek in no time.

All of these different forms of extension ponytails are low-maintenance and should be washed after wearing 15 or 20 times or when there is product accumulation over these. Moreover if these are synthetic hair extensions, a chemical free shampoo and conditioner is recommended.

Buy the Perfect Ponytail to Enhance the Appeal of Your Hair Extensions

Ponytail hair extensions being the simplest and easiest hair transformers are available quite easily in the supermarket as well as over the online retail stores. Nevertheless, one should be keenly observant and careful while choosing the desired ponytail extension type. Always consider the texture, pattern and color of your own hair. This will make it easier to blend in the ponytail extensions properly.Also select the best hair color.

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