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How Can Redken Hair Color Chart Helps a Colorist

Redken Hair Color Chart: Are you a stylist? Then see how redken chart of hair can help you?

The Main Advantages of Redken Hair Color Chart:

Chart give a colorist the whole information available about every Redken hair color shade of produced especially for men, permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent or gray coverage color type.Chart can also help a colorist to achieve some particular coloring effect. For example, lightening effect.
Chart points out the amount of developer and coloring product needed for achieving some color tone or understone.
Hair color chart can provide a colorist with the best selection of color shades that enables him/her to find the particular one for the best reflecting of the client’s personality.
The certified colorists can give online advices how to select the type of Redken hair color according the client’s haircut.
The information about the most innovative and stylish seasonal Redken trends can also be easily found there.
Chart helps not only with the obtaining of the color shade desired by the client, but it gives also practical advices how to maintain Redken color for a longer time.

A Little Bit of Redken Hair Color’s History

Redken hair color chart

In 1960 the favorite color brand of many modern women was founded by Paula Kent Meehan hairdresser. The woman whose name is Jheri Rhedding has given rise to new urban fashion full of energy, creativity and spirit of New York City’s streets. Redken has become a new alternative, trendsetting brand. Nowadays Redken is a leader of hair colors worldwide that is used as an effective method of correcting and refreshing of natural hair of fashion-conscious women.

Types of Redken Hair Color

There are several types of Redken hair color. It can be permanent, gray coverage, demi-permanent and color designed especially for men.
Permanent Redken hair color is just what it means. It does not wash out because of the permanent change of the hair color pigments.
For those who don’t want to change their hair color pigment, Redken’s demi permanent color line is regarded as the best one.
There is also Redken low-ammonia permanent color nowadays that is effectively used in salons for the gray coverage.
Natural-looking coloring results for men are provided today with a special line called Redken for Men Camouflage Color.

A Useful Tip: If you want to maintain your color between visits to your stylist, think about the Redken Color Extend haircare collection that is aimed at helping you to keep your redken hair looking fabulous.
These and other useful information can be found on hair color charts.

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