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Revlon Hair Color, How to treat your hair with Revlon products

Revlon hair color why so popular?There comes a time when a woman wants to change her image or simply correct her hair color to match her mood. To do that she could use a wide variety professionally manufactured hair dies offered on the market. Many major brands are available to order hair dies from, but making a right choice of the hair color shade might not be an easy task.

There are many factors to take into account – the skin color, face type and also the base color of your hair. The choice you would have to make is even harder if you shop online. All major cosmetic brands have created and released specific hair color charts to help their customers to purchase exactly what they want and to be pleased with the result of their make-over.REVLON HAIR COLORREVLON HAIR COLOR REVLON HAIR COLOR


Being one of the major cosmetic manufacturers Revlon is a choice cosmetics for many women. For those who wants to look fantastic Revlon offers two color ranges to chose from that will satisfy even those with highest demands. Revlon hair color chart is designed to help you find what suits you the best. Using “Revlon Colorsilk” fantastic color range your hair will have a radiant look and a beautiful glow.

Revlon hair color Vibrancy

If you are looking for more vibrant color, then use the dark and brown hair color chart from “Revlon Colorsilk Luminista” range of colors. Specifically designed to allow bleaching dark hair to your desired shade it is also ammonia-free and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Another advantage of using a color from this Revlon hair color chart is that it does not make your hair brassy. It is a challenge to change a color of dark or brown hair, because in order to get desired result it has to be bleached first and only then the coloring mixture applied. Doing it in two steps is very damaging for the hair and usually gives hair brass look.

Revlon hair color Luminista

Revlon Color Luminista allows happy customers to gently color their hair without excessive damage done. Even if your hair is very dark brown or even black you will find the color you like in the Revlon hair color chart and will be able to get the shade of color you desire with ease and for a cheap price.

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