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Satin Hair Color Chart for Satin Color and Satin Looks

Satin Hair Color Chart is the best article to get knowledge about warm and cold color tones: The hair color chart is a peculiar card, with the help of which you can get to know a variety of colors and select an appropriate hair color shade. A color chart gives you a clearer idea of color in contrast to the packing. Usually shades are lined in a special cardboard booklet, and when you open it you see a great number of colors and shades represented in small samples of artificial hair.

Hair dye manufacturers use artificial materials for their charts, because they are more durable and stable. The main advantage of these palettes is that you can visually estimate the selected color, move it and see the change of color and tones in the light. The photo on the box is not capable of showing that.

Samples of colors in the palette are not placed randomly. There is a certain layout chart. Usually a satin hair color chart is designed so that you can quickly find the desired tone. The darkest shades of colors are in the top and they gradually decrease and become lighter. As we can see the lighest tone will be located at the foot of the page.


Hair dye color chart is divided into colors for brunettes, blondes and redheads, so selecting the color, you first need to determine the shade, not the tone. Here you need to focus on your color type appearance. It can be warm and cold. The correct definition of your color type assures that your image will be harmonious, and then you will like the result.

Satin Hair Color Chart with Examples

For example, dye with ashen shade is suitable only for girls with cold color type. And if the girl with warm color type decides to dye ashen hue, her hair will get a greenish tint. Accordingly, a warm tone will not look natural on a girl with a cold type of appearance.

When you have chosen a “warm” or “cold” midtone hair color, you need to select the tone. You can get just a shade close to your natural hair color and change it to one or two levels up or down. Selection of professional dyes provides a greater freedom of choice. So, to get the desired color you can use a variety of oxidizing agents.

Satin Hair Color Chart Advantage to Girls

With satin hair color chart every girl, whether brunette, blonde or red hair, can accurately pick up her right color and change the hair color. A palette of colors for blondes is the most diverse, these colors are most suited for cardinal color experiments. A blonde girl can choose radiant shades of platinum, cold ash or golden blond.

The chart of colors for brunettes is represented by brown, aubergine, brown and red hues. Different shades of black like blue-gray, plum and others give the image of mystery.

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