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Skin Tone Charts Hair Color : Know the Colors that Look Really Great on You

Skin tone charts have been used for many years in order to identify races. No wonder today hair color chart skin tone is a very helping tool. If talking about the division of people according to the skin tone terminology, there are 5 main types:
1. white people
2. black people
3. red people
4. yellow people
5. cinnamon people

The division is made according to physical similarities. Of course, if you want to change the tone of your skin to some extent, body lotions and special creams will help you a lot, but when choosing the new color of your hair, you are to operate a hair color chart skin tone.

Cool or Warm?


Make sure you know your skin tone before using hair color chart. Why is this so important? Because the choice of the color greatly depends on the tone of your skin. If the tone of your skin is warm, then you’d better choose colors with the shades of cinnamon, copper, strawberry and ginger. In case your skin tone is cool, you are to opt for ruby, honey, wheat, garnet and cherry shades.

The tone of your skin is cool if it burns easily, you have rosy cheeks and belong to the type of people, who look pale all the time. Beside that, you have a cool skin tone in case your eyes are blue, grey, grayish blue or hazel.

In this case you should better opt for such hair colors as:
• platinum blonde
light ash blonde
deep coffee brown
• coffee and mid level blonde

Those with warm skin tone usually notice that their skin tans quite easily. Their skin is pale with peach or even golden undertones. Sometimes they have lots of freckles. Their eyes are dull blue or greenish blue, mid brown or muted green. Among the number of colors adore hair color chart recommends for such people are:
golden blonde
strawberry blond
warm chocolate browns
deep chocolate
ginger based reds        

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Hair color chart skin tone will definitely make the process of choosing the right hair color a lot easier. Of course, you can also consult your hair stylist, but time shows that the chart is the tool everyone can rely on. Remember that the right hair color also depends on the hair texture, as well as on the type of the highlights or low lights you select.


Forget about traditional ways to define the skin tone (silver jewelry, checking the color of the veins, etc), use modern ones instead. Hair color chart skin tone will be your guide in the world of hair colors that suit you the best. Trust it and you will never lose, managing to attract everyone around.


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