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weave hair color chart

Weave Hair Color Chart Is There Any Value In This Chart?

Weave Hair Color Chart some of you may have not even heard the name of weave hair color chart as its not as popular as Adore Hair Color Chart, Auburn Hair Color Chart, Brown Hair Color Chart, Wella Hair Color Chart, Red Hair Color Chart, Lorial Hair Color Chart,  Feria Hair Color Chart, Matrix Color Chart, LOREAL Feria Hair Color Chart , etc.

But still at least check what it is exactly?

One of the main reasons why we have written this article is that we are sure that to find weave hair color chart collections on the Internet is a real challenge for every person. It is really difficult. The hair dye manufacturers have also realized that problem and they have released hair color chart of their production. But it means that you should visit each company’s website to look through color charts and find a color that you liked. It is also very inconvenient.

The main aim of this article is to make a choice of hair color much easier and we decided to gather all hair color charts here. It was very difficult, but we have done this work for you. You can find the major color charts below.

Weave hair color chart is a very useful thing for those who need to determine which color and shade suit them the best. The four main colors of the chart are brown, blond, red and black. Each color slightly changes the tone. It gives an opportunity to create an interesting appearance and change the style.

For example, you have chosen a blond color. There are cold and warm tones of this color and they make a different impression. Cold tones of blond are ash, champagne and pure diamond. Warm tones are golden blond, sunflower, etc. You can see many of them on the satin hair color chart of different manufacturers below.

How can a woman, if she is not a hairdresser, make the right choice of hair color? In this case a weave hair color chart will help her to choose the most suitable hair dye color. Today there are so many manufacturers and lines of hair dye, that you can be confused by the number of colors and shades. We decided to pick all the color charts of the major brands together in this article to make the choice easier.


It may seem that to choose a color with the help of a color chart is a difficult task. But if you know how to orientate yourself in the dye color chart, you will quickly find it. Usually darker colors are in the top of the chart and they are getting lighter to the end of the table. Brown, red and blond hair dye colors are located separately from each other. As you can see, they are not placed randomly.

We insistently recommend you choose the trusted brands to get the best result after the hair dyeing. Today high quality brands are L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Garnier, Revlon and Wella. These companies have the best reputation. The hair dyes of these brands are of premium quality.

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