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Wella Hair Color Chart Eases the Choice

Wella hair color chart is a smart solution. Let’s have a quick reminder that uptil now we have discussed

Lorial Hair Color Chart, LOREAL Feria Hair Color Chart, Feria Hair Color Chart benefits, Matrix Color Chart smart solutions,  why people adore, Adore Hair Color Chart, Auburn Hair Color Chart. Now quickly coming back to the topic and i.e.

Wella Hair Color Chart

Changing hair color is often a big deal, and women do that to stress their new image, improve their look, or, perhaps, even cover up a few grey feathers here and there. That’s when hair color chart may come in handy. It eases women’s choice greatly as it contains great selection of color and shades for any hair color. Wella hair color chart is one of the most complete ones on the market and has an unlimited range of colors for any hair, be it blonde, brunette, red, or else. Let’s see how it can help you match your character and skin color with the hair color of your dream.

You probably didn’t know that Wella hair color chart is a product of extensive and deep research that the company held to identify the relation between the color of skin and hair. This was done in order to find only most popular and compelling shades for women of all skin colors, from pale white to dark brown. That’s why Wella hair color chart not only has so many fascinating shades to select from, but was also designed to deliver top-class hair colors for women with any skin. As an example let’s have a look at the red hair color chart of Wella. It offers the most complete choice of red hair shades to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.Hair Color Chart are great for great Hair Color. 

Wella Hair Color Chart for Red Hair

  • Chestnut;
  • Dark Auburn;
  • Light Auburn;
  • Dark Auburn;
  • Medium Auburn;
  • Flame Red;
  • Coppery Red;
  • Golden Toasted Auburn;
  • Copper Red;
  • Irish Red;
  • Medium Irish Red.  (Super interesting post on red hair color chart)

My Recommendations for you

1-If you like Beige Blonde then the “Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Toner, Lightest Beige Blonde” is for you


2- If your choice is Medium Blonde Natural Brown then go for WELLA HAIR COLOR CHART MEDIUM BLONDE NATURAL BROWNWella Koleston Permanent Creme Hair Color 

There are separate charts for any color family you may desire, including blond, highlight, brunette, and frost hair. Each chart has many different shades to meet your exact needs and expectations.

Many other cosmetic firms, e.g. L’Oreal or Garnier, have a number of different hair color brands and offer separate color charts for each brand. That often can lead to confusion and undesired results. Wella has all color products under one brand name – Wellaton. Wellaton hair products are not simply designed for perfect shade results. They contain a number of nourishing ingredients that are meant to negate all harmful effects that coloring procedures have on the women’s hair. Serum with Provitamin B5 nurture hair to make it have all desired features of uncolored hair, i.e. shine and softness. Great variety of shades coupled with hair that looks and feels healthy is what makes Wellaton products really count.

3-Wella Blue Series for Blue Lovers   Go for   Wella Koleston Perfect Permanent Creme Haircolor 1+1 0/88 Blue in just $7.95



You wear hair extensions? Which one? Pony Tail Hair Extensions, Clip Ons, Cheap Hair Extensions, Frontal Closures,Lace Closure? Which color do u use? Semi permanent hair color or permanent hair dye? Want to maintain  your best hair extensions?  No problem at all . Wella hair color chart is for everyone.

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